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Coffee and sugar: Why is not a great combination

coffee and sugar

When talking about coffee and sugar we are opening a kind of old debate. For the speciality industry, it’s sound pretty annoying: you wake up every day ready for your shift and you’re already set to weight every single shot of coffee. You have carefully ground fresh coffee beans, set the perfect level of the coffee puck with the help of your distribution tool, ready to be pressed. But wait a moment: your customer is adding sugar into your lovely double espresso shot and you’re fighting a battle inside yourself. … Read more

Breville One-Touch CoffeeHouse VS Delonghi EC 860 M

breville one touch vs delonghi ec 860M

The Breville One-Touch CoffeeHouse vs THE DELONGHI EC 860. M. Which one is better? Comparing different machines is paramount when it’s time to make a purchase. Here’s we have compared two great commercial coffee machines for home use that are on the same price range. To compare these machines we have taken into account 4 factors which are: Brew temperature stability – > consistency in the cup Quality of microfoam delivered; Aesthetic design; Market price. Let’s get into details. The Breville One-Touch CoffeeHouse vs THE DELONGHI EC 860 M The … Read more

The Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima

victoria arduino eagle one prima

First time on the blog for a Victoria Arduino coffee machine and there’s no better way to start than reviewing the Eagle One Prima. Just hold a moment and look at the journey that has brought the Victoria Arduino, one of the most important coffee machine manufacturing of the world. Victoria Arduino – a bit of history The brand gained popularity in the coffee industry for the manufacturing of the high-end coffee machine. Victoria Arduino is been producing coffee machine sine 1905. Pier Teresio Arduino started conceiving the idea of … Read more

Grinding coffee beans. Does it matter?

grinding coffee beans methods

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, you may be familiar with the concept of quality. There are some “unwritten rules” if you want to achieve quality, regardless of the business in question. When it comes to coffee, grinding coffee beans properly is paramount. In this article, we will look at how important is to grind coffee specifically for your needs. Of course, we will take for granted that all the previous steps of the coffee supply chain such as harvesting, processing, storing and shipment have been respected. Grinding coffee … Read more

The Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T Review

Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T

Today, we are looking at the Delonghi Dinamic Plus ECAM370.95.T the latest of its class. I guess you’re quite familiar with the brand but let me introduce them in case you’re not aware of. Delonghi: A Bit Of History Delonghi has been making small appliances for home use since 1974 that range from kitchen appliances, homecare, air conditioning and, of course, coffee makers. Their mission is to improve your everyday experience with easy to use appliances. They soon became a must follow brand as regards coffee machine for home use … Read more

The Rok espresso maker

rok espresso maker review

  The Rok espresso maker is an award-winning non-electric tool for making espresso at home. The Rok espresso maker looks quite solid, well built but also aesthetically pleasing. Made of high-grade aluminium with some BPA-free plastic parts. As any non-electric brewer, you need to make sure to bring all the whole maker hot enough to achieve a great result. It is great perhaps for a one-shot only per day for when waking up in the morning, but it definitely performs better when brewing more than just once; this is quite … Read more

How to make delicious Turkish coffee

turkish coffee

Even if it’s not so consumed in the country, coffee is quite a big thing in Turkey, it’s one of the oldest coffee cultures in the world. In fact, people’s prefer tea to coffee. But its history needs a mention, especially when it has deeps roots like the Turkey one. So, today, we are going to have a look at Turkish coffee, something that resembles a Moka pot cup of coffee. Turkish coffee is also a way to describe the required grind setting to achieve the proper drink. But there’s … Read more

How to make the best cappuccino in 2021

how to make the best cappuccino in 2021

Cappuccino is a worldwide milk beverage, the first milky beverage ever made. Today, we will see how to make a delicious cappuccino. But first of all, we need to step back and look at the origin of the drink, learning about its funny history. The history of Cappuccino The origin of the name cappuccino is dated back to the XIII Century. The Capuchin Order was founded in 1209 by San Francesco d’Assisi and “friars” or “Franciscans”, was the name of the members of the movement. The name “cappuccino” refers at … Read more

La Pavoni Europiccola espresso machine review

la pavoni europiccola

I had a look at my agenda this morning and I realized I missed a couple of scheduled topics that were supposed to be released already a couple of weeks ago. Scrolling down, there was one that I particularly wanted to talk about. So, today, it’s the turn of reviewing La Pavoni Europiccola coffee machine. As an Italian, perhaps I am biased, but I have always been fascinated by the large presence of Italian coffee culture and machine manufacturer in the country. Actually, I am not telling you why is … Read more

How Coffee Benefits Skin

coffee benefits skin

As you sit there enjoying your hot morning cup of coffee, have you ever stopped and wondered what else those beans have to offer? Considering the high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants found in coffee, it’s no surprise to learn of the numerous ways coffee benefits your skin. For example, while coffee and caffeine tend to get a bad rap, caffeine has been shown to improve the physical appearances of skin, by increasing blood flow to the surface. Whether you are hoping to gain a more youthful glow, or just … Read more