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The Secrets of Coffee Brewing

Coffee brewing equipment, machines and techniques that work

Something i really love is brewing coffee because it is something really personal and there are so many different procedures and methodologies to create different flavours. I always make it at home and try different beans and different extraction temperatures. Different heats, freshness of the beans and water can influence totally the taste of your coffee.

We will talk about all these procedures and different brand of beans that i am tasting regularly……..stay tuned!

Can Coffee Filters Be Reused?

coffee filters can be reused

Let’s talk about how coffee filters can be reused because people ask how to make coffee with the least possible environmental impact. You must have heard the problems of solid waste production due to coffee capsules. Now, I tell you … Read more

V60 coffee: to swirl or to stir?


Brewing coffee through alternative brewing methods such as V60 can be pretty easy after a bit of practice. But at the same time, the more you learn the trickier it becomes.  We already covered in the past some articles about … Read more

How to Make Espresso at Home

how to make espresso at home

Running out to your local coffee shop or cafe isn’t always an option when you are yearning for a cup of espresso, black coffee or white one. Making great espresso at home is not a dream and does not require … Read more