Gina Coffee Maker can be the answer to some questions: do you like brewing coffee at home or you haven’t started already but you would like to? Are you a newbie and you don’t know where to start? What kind of brewing method do I should start with? French press, pour over or cold drip? These are common questions that everyone wonders at the beginning.

Goat story Gina UK

Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore because of a Slovenian company that seems to have found the solution making things a whole lot easier.

Goat Story, a Slovenian based company, it’s not new to the coffee industry. After its first crowdfunding success in which it has designed the Goat Mug, it was then time for Gina, a new coffeemaker that has changed the way to brew coffee. So, let’s talk more about this last release.

gina coffee makers
Gina coffee makers

Gina coffee maker basics and main features

  • three in one: thanks to its versatility, Gina allows a different kind of brewing methods such as the pour-over, the immersion one and the cold drip method. No need any more to buy a different tool like a French press or a Kalita dripper.
  • built-in scale: Gina has a smart scale at the base that allows playing with coffee, water and time to set a proper ratio. So, there’s no need to spend money on an extra scale;
  • Gina app: this smart tool comes with the Gina app (available for both IOS and Android) as guidance. It can be connected via Bluetooth to make new recipes, follow the brewing guide or follow other recipes stored on the community of the app. This is the most important feature of this device as the company wants people to play, set different recipes that can be followed by the community and be inspired by the others;
  • valve: a copper valve has been designed to adjust the flow rate of the brew according to the brewing method we are looking for; we are going to fully open it in case of pour-over, close it in case of immersion one like a French press or by setting the drop flow in case of cold drip;

Gina Coffee Maker Details and Evaluation review

The Gina coffee maker comes with a nice and stable steel frame, a funnel made of ceramic and a glass server of 25 ounces (750ml) which is good enough for two or three persons. The device is easy rechargeable by a USB charger. The company says it lasts about 20 hours and can stay in standby mode for 30 days. It comes in three different colors; steel, white and black.

What I like more of Gina is that it has been designed for everyone, from the professional barista to the newbie one and even for a non-barista. The app is intuitive and easy to use: it helps baristas by guiding them on every single part of the brewing process. Just decide a ratio and the app will calculate for you how many grounds of coffee to use and how much water to pour.

Bottom line

Gina is not only smart but it’s also aesthetic. So, let’s play with it in front of our friends, brewing some speciality coffee, there are now no excuses for any of us.

Gina coffee maker price UK

The BASIC (without the electronics and the App) Gina coffee maker is on sale for £125 while the SMART (with Bluetooth scale and the App) is on sale for £245.

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