Iced coffee, cold brew or nitro one? Which is the best?

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It is summer (even in London) and we are facing with hot temperature…..which better way to cool off than an iced coffee instead of an hot one?

Today I am writing about the difference between iced coffee, cold brew and nitro one. I am pretty sure that we cannot say there is one of them better than the others; it is just a matter of preference. As we all know, they both come out cold but their making process is totally different.

How to make iced coffee and what it is

First of all, iced coffee is basically coffee that was brewed hot but is now cold. It is more acidic and thinner than a cold brew. A cold brew is a craft process, where coffee is steeping at room temperature for at least 8-12 hours up to 24-36 hours and then strained with a paper coffee filter.

The result is a concentrate with a smooth and sweet flavour.

If you like cold coffee, we can always suggest you to try affogato! But back on track about these brewing methods.

What is the difference between iced coffee and cold brew?

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iced coffee is different: cold brew is up to 65% less acidic than any hot brewed coffee but it has more caffeine cause is typically brewed at a higher ratio

Cold brew is a fresh medium-coarse ground size of coffee (depending on how much time of extraction) infused with cold filter water (usually overnight) without added heat. Brewing with cold water gives you a smoother and sweeter cup without bitterness because cold water doesn’t extract all the components as hot water does; that means that you are going to extract less bitter oils and acids so less caffeine.

It also has less acid level and then it suits more for people with digestive problems. On the other hand, iced coffee is brewed with hot water and served over ice; it’s less smooth, it’s less rich flavour profile and less bitterness than cold brew.

Which is stronger cold brew or iced coffee

Does cold brew or iced coffee have more caffeine?

Cold brew is up to 65% less acidic than any hot brewed coffee but it has more caffeine cause is typically brewed at a higher ratio. Cold brew has usually twice the caffeine of the iced coffee even though you can dilute it with water or milk to cut it down. It offers full-bodied with a smooth texture.

Iced coffee, on the contrary, tastes thinner cause the ice water down the final cup. It requires only few minutes so it’s easier to make instead of a cold brew.

Cold brew vs iced coffee

Cold brew has the benefit of a long duration: you can store it in fridge for a couple of weeks without losing flavours. It can also be enjoyed in a bottle or a can ready-to-drink or it can be made by nitro.

Cold brew vs nitro cold brew

Nitro coffee is simply a cold brew coffee that is stored in a keg, infused with nitrogen gas and served on draft like a pint. Serving on tap gives the coffee a smooth texture and a creamier taste than cold brew with a foam on top that reminds a pint of Guinness.

You can use Arabica or Robusta beans ( learn about the differences about the two), and just remember, whatever kind of method you choose, always use fresh beans!

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