What Is A Cafe Latte And How To Do It Correctly?

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Milk is the most frequent companion of coffee. In fact, currently, when we hear the word coffee, the first image that comes to mind is a frothy cup of Café Latte.

Today, the combinations of coffee and milk result in a wide variety of recipes. In those that are considered the type of coffee, the type of milk, the infusion techniques, the way to texturize the milk, even how you prefer the latte art in your cup are also included.

What Is A Café Latte?

The Latte is a classic preparation consisting of two ingredients: Espresso coffee and steam milk.
Verification of Café latte
To verify that your cup is a Café Latte, you must comply with this recipe:

  • 1/3 espresso,
  • 2/3 steamed or textured milk
  • a layer of micro-foam that covers the surface.

What Does Café Latte Taste Like?

It contained espresso topped with milk usually steamed milk and then again topped with frothed or foam milk. As latte contains more quantity of milk, therefore it is more like milk than anything else.

Combination Of Milk And Coffee

The combination of coffee and milk has been known since the seventeenth century, only its name and recipe have evolved to what we know today. Many things in this coffee make it different. The addition of milk in the espresso later. Basically, this coffee is a mixture of steamed milk and foam milk, and also espresso coffee.

History Of Café Latte

In Austria, in the 1700s a drink consisting of coffee, cream, spices, and sugar was offered called Kapuziner. To which they relate as the origin of the Italian cappuccino.

However, it is in 1867 that the term caffè e Latte appears in a publication called Italian Journeys. Hence, it is considered originally from Italy.

Although those who popularized the Café con Leche were the Americans since they already used to consume it at breakfast, in a simple recipe: one part of coffee another of milk.

When latte began, it simply contains one or more shots of the espresso in it. Then many innovations were happened to create a creamy and high-end drink. Now the ratio of espresso to milk is taken as 1:2.

Distinguishment Of Café Latte

The Café Latte is distinguished by a lot from this simplicity. Well, it can be combined with aromas such as caramel, vanilla, cinnamon; as well as it can also be prepared with almond, soy, coconut, or oat milk.
Café Latte allows you to enjoy softened espresso, with nuances of cream that lighten its robustness and texture.
Have you ever wonder that what makes latte the best coffee ever? Why do people crave this thing so much? Let’s have a rational view of this fact.

What Is The Difference Between Café Latte And Café Con Leche?

It is well worth clarifying that both preparations are coffee with milk, the difference is in the recipe, proportions, and preparation techniques. Let’s see, Coffee with milk, it’s called Café con Leche if you make it with a type of coffee other than espresso.

That is, a coffee made by dripping or filtered, which contains a higher proportion of water. One more difference is that cafe con Leche is a Spanish drink and the cafe latte is from Italy.

As it is already said, both have the same recipe but they vary with the amount of milk added in different proportions. The Spanish drink cafe con leche preferably contains less milk as compared to the other one.

Add in equal parts, ½ of filtered coffee for ½ of steamed or textured milk.

how to make the best cappuccino in 2021What Differences Does It Have With The Cappuccino?

In the cappuccino recipe, espresso coffee is added in its preparation.

The difference with Café Latte is in the volume, the proportion of the ingredients, and the intensity of the flavor. If we talk about the flavors and taste then it may be said the cappuccino is more strong in taste than the latte.

Latte contains more amount of milk and fats also more calories. On the other hand, cappuccinos also contain milk but the quantity is low.

In other words, cappuccino is made with equal parts espresso, milk, and foam. This means that they have much more foam and a more intense flavor than Café Latte.

3 Recommended Lattes To Buy

In the market you will also find offers of packaged Coffee Latte, already prepared or to consume. Here are some recommendations:

1. Café Latte Illy

The Illy Café Latte belongs to the product line Ready to Drink Coffee of the famous brand Illy. It falls under the category of the most expensive beverage as it contains high-end pure arabica beans.

This refreshing drink is made with 100% natural Arabica, without artificial colours, preservatives, or flavours. It comes packaged in a 250 ml aluminium that can perfect to take while travelling, on walks, or wherever you want to always have your Café Latte. It is exceptional in the commercialized packed coffee.

2. Organo Gold Coffee Latte

Organo Gold Coffee Latte is 100% gourmet instant coffee of certified organic origin. It also contains a small amount of caffeine.

Made with Arabica and Ganoderma, cream, and sugar resulting in a creamy, yet light Café Latte. One of the specialities of this product is that they contain the Chinese fungus and mushroom-infused in the other products. On the other hand, this drink contains a lot of useful substances.

Those substances may help you to lose weight and also boost your immune system. The fungus of the organ contains this special substance that is considered a weight-loss substance.

3. Starbucks Instant Latte

Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans, it is prepared as Instant Coffee with hot or cold water. It offers a touch of vanilla flavour, which complements the creaminess of the milk.

Therefore, buy the single pack the instant latte from Starbuck and try it with vanilla over the mocha. The pack contains endless steam of powdery substance and that will give this a smooth look.

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