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Recently there has been a wave of comments regarding the boom in the news about the use of coffee lemon beverages as a way to lose weight. But we must take into consideration several aspects that instead of denying, lead us to understand its real effect, its benefits, its impact on a diet, its possible preparations and clearly, the myths surrounding coffee and lemon.

The Coffee and Lemon benefits

Coffee and lemon
Coffee and lemon is a great combination

First of all, we must talk about the benefits that each ingredient brings separately, and once this is explained, we will give the way to a date with reality, where we will understand if it is correct to affirm that this drink is what it seems to be. Initially, let us deal with the subject of coffee.

Firstly, we must talk about the properties of coffee that are directly involved in the prevention of multiple diseases: caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Not only are its antioxidants capable of activating different pathways to protect against pathological diseases, but when accompanied by a correct diet, it accelerates metabolism, fat burning and is a permanent energy booster.

On the other hand, let’s talk about one of our favourite fruits: Lemon. In the lemon, we will find a great source of vitamin C, which, like coffee, has a high volume of antioxidants, and also flavonoids, which are natural nutrients that contribute to the immune system allowing prevent infections and bacterial growth. So, now that we have opened the scroll of benefits, is it correct to say that together they work better?

Coffee and lemon weight loss

Well, currently there is no scientific evidence to approve its effect as a joint drink beyond the virality of videos recommending the effectiveness and speed in issues such as weight reduction by ingesting the mixture of instant coffee and lemon on an empty stomach. Perhaps 8 million mentions in the hashtag #coffeelemon are a good starting point, but without evidence, it is not correct to claim that its effect is as promised.

Coffee and lemon, how to use it and how not to use it

But not everything has to be bad, so let’s expose two possibilities, where we can choose and try each one accompanying each method in the right way. First, let’s talk about the use of the coffee lemon drink. When you start your morning you prepare a cup of regular coffee and add some lemon.

You should keep in mind that lemon can reduce appetite thanks to its properties and by speeding up metabolism and boosting fat and carbohydrate burning because of the coffee, your body starts the day differently. However, it makes no sense to connect this start with a double burger with a nice piece of bacon and melted cheese, because it simply won’t work.

Now let’s go to the other side of the table. You prepare the same recipe, but upon taking the first sip, you realize it’s not what you thought. A naturally bitter drink, when given a hit of acidity, will not be very friendly to start your day with. how can you balance this? sugar? salt? is it really what you expected?

As we started this text, it was exposing the potential that each ingredient has separately, so the most recommended from science and health, is to use them separately, accompanied by a balanced diet and strengthening the process with constant and guided exercise.

Coffee and lemon recipe

To finish and continue with the positive view that not everything is bad in this trend, we will tell you how to make this combination an all-in-one.

First, if you want to try the effect of coffee-lemon beverage, we recommend adding a pinch of salt (very small) to reduce the bitterness in the drink, this will not cut its antioxidant benefits and will allow it to be easier to drink, taking into account that it is intended to start your day.

If you add sugar, you will completely change the composition of the benefits, prioritizing glucose intake and ultimately it will not work for weight loss or fat burning.

Coffee and lemon detox recipe for sunny days

And for a much more appropriate and fun use I leave you with a couple of options: If you can make an espresso, make it and let it cool for a couple of minutes, then brew about 100 ml of green tea and add the juice of a lemon. Mix these three ingredients, add ice and enjoy on a sunny day. It will be a balanced drink, with character and will undoubtedly activate you for the rest of the day.

Coffee and lemon mojito
Coffee and lemon mojito

Coffee and lemon Mojito recipe ( with mint)

Finally, for those gatherings with friends, a great coffee and lemon combination can end in a great mojito. Prepare a dark coffee as you would regularly do in the morning.

Use some mint, lemon juice and sugar and macerate them in your glass. Add some white rum, soda and finally the coffee you prepared. Mix and add some mint to decorate the glass. You will be the soul of the party with this great combination.


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