Best UK/US Speciality Coffee Blogs and Coffee Influencers in 2020 – Part One

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There are different types of coffee blogs dominating the country where viewers can access the content and make the best-informed decision about the coffee. Some blogs have been ranked as the best with great traffic and, therefore, are more reliable. There are millions of people who love coffee and coffee blogs are out there to ensure there is a spark of more interest, and there is an increase in the demand for the beverage in the country.

In this article, we shall discuss the very best coffee blogs and coffee influencers in the country that you can visit and read about all things coffee.

1 – Pact Coffee | Coffee Travel Blog

The blog was launched in 2012 and it was created to ensure a change in the minds of the people. It has been raising the awareness of what quality coffee is, highlighting the fact that everyone deserves the best coffee every single time they need one. The United Kingdom is known for a good presence of coffee lovers, and therefore people need to have a better understanding between quality coffee and convenience one.

Pact coffee has established long-term relationship with farmers from nine different coffee countries and paid them directly at 25-125% over Fairtrade rates (which is why they didn’t choose to be Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance Certified and so on.

Visit the blog today and you can get news about the coffee industry, about farmer stories, how to brew coffee at home and so on. Or you can simply buy a single bag of coffee, make your personalize coffee plan including coffee roasted for espresso, filter, decaf and even box of pods.

2 – Caffe Society Barista Blog

It is one of the best coffee blogs in the United Kingdom been running for almost 20 years by a family business near Leeds, with plenty of reading material, supplying espresso machines such as Astoria, Jura and Nuova Simonelli. Over the years, the business grew up from serving local businesses to expand into regional areas and then the national area. Along with coffee equipment and accessories, the company provides a huge range of beverage equipment such as blenders, chocolate machines and juicers.

They have plenty of experience in the commercial coffee sector not only supplying espresso machines but also providing a complete after-sales service including barista training, helping you with the opening of a coffee shop and giving you barista tips and tricks. The blog has been posting one post quarterly. It has been ranked as one of the best informative, professional blogs that you can always visit and get the best news about coffee. You should pay a visit to

3 – Coffee Review Blog

It has been termed the best blog and where the coffee drinkers can get the best news when it comes to coffee reviews. The blog has been running for two decades and it’s become the most read and influential one as coffee buying guide with millions of visitors each year. Their goal is to increase the awareness of quality coffee compared to commercial one and consequently, increase the demand and price of the coffee, adding value for the people that went through all the steps required, from the farm to the roasters.

Every month, the blog posts a tasting report along with other coffee reviews which are cupped by the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial team. And all of this for educating coffee lovers and coffee drinkers to get closer to the best coffee available at that period of the year.

Their frequency of posting is weekly. The blog can be visited at

4 – I Need Coffee Blog

Established in 1999, the blog has gained its attention in the country. Founded by Michael Allen Smith, both a web developer and a coffee fanatic in Seattle, Washington.

The intent of the blog is not just to showcase great coffees but to make it easier to brew coffee at home. There are loads of brewing guide among the most famous brewing method such as Aeropress, Chemex, cold brew, V60 pour-over, Kalita and so on. Also, a comprehensive list of coffee gear that includes all the stuff you need to brew coffee at home, such as automatic coffee brewers, coffee tools (filters, scales), coffee grinders, electric kettles and espresso machines.

So, for coffee lovers, coffee enthusiast or just for beginners, the blog can give you all the information you need to brew coffee at home, what kind of brewing method suits better according to your preferences and lots of recipes to start with. Start having fun at

5 – Perfect Daily Grind | London Maker Blog

It’s a London based blog that has been growing since 2015 and therefore ensures readers get the best experience when it comes to the speciality coffee industry. There are unprecedented levels of growth, and this has attracted so many coffee lovers and coffee enthusiasts. The blog covers every step of the coffee supply chain, from the farm to the barista working in the shop.

There are plenty of topics about everything you need to know as a barista or a coffee owner, a section dedicated on how to select green coffee and the art of roasting it. And yet, the fundamentals of brewing coffee, how coffee is being processed, and, lo and behold, a new section with their new coffee podcast.

Another cool thing is that the blog is available in Spanish and also Portuguese. Their frequency of posting is weekly, with roughly 3-4 articles posted. Highly recommend a visit at

6 – The UK Speciality Coffee Blog

If you are a coffee lover and like reading about coffee news, you must have found this blog. The blog provides people with the news related to the coffee commercial sector and ensures you get more information to facilitate you to choose the right coffee machine and the right coffee beans. The blog has been founded by Kev, a coffee lover and coffee drinker since he was a child. The blog has been ranked as one of the best informative, professional blogs that you can visit and get the best news about coffee. Also, many reviews about coffee producing countries, coffee subscriptions and the best UK coffee roasters. Here’s the link to the blog:

7 – CafeSucessHub

CafeSucessHub is one of the ultimate resources which one can access and learn about coffee shops in general since it has different coffee shop related articles. In addition to that, other articles related to the coffee shop startups and other expansion and profit maximization.

The two founders have run their own coffee chain for 15 years. After that, they open to help independent coffee shop and owners to make more profit out of their business. They also wrote a book about called “The Daily Grind”, an Amazon best selling voted the best coffee book of all time. In addition to that, it also comes with how-to guides and other downloadable templates for free.

In the past, the coffee blog has been ranked as the best coffee blog where many people have visited and read their articles. Most of them are focused on how to run a profitable business looking at every single cost of the business. Want to know how much does it cost to open a coffee shop? Head on this link ( to get to know more.

8 – Coffee Tea Club | Tea and Coffee Blog

Coffee Tea Club has been online for a while, and the blog has been providing information to the coffee and tea readers, which has ensured that people get to know more about these two drinks. The club has to be considered a virtual tasting room where you can always connect with like-minded people and be able to interact and enjoy the coffee/tea.

The blog set a section on coffee in which to discuss the best coffee beans, the best coffee pods, kettles, automatic home machine, hand grinder and so on. And another section with plenty of reviews and recommendations on coffee machines and coffee percolators.

The blog is part of the Amazon Associates Programme, designed to provide and earn advertising fees. Head on here to get to know more:

9 – CoffeeExtraction – The raw truth about coffee

best coffee blogs
Best coffee blogs and subscriptions

Coffeextraction is a compelling and informative coffee blog based in London. The blog has a solid presence online with more than a hundred articles regarding the coffee industry. The aim is to gather as many people as possible to discuss and learn more about all things coffee.

There’s a wide selection of topics, including coffee grinders and espresso machines reviews, coffee brewing techniques, latte art , the best guide to buy coffee beans and technical articles about extractions, global climate change and so on.

The blog has been posting for two years only but has more than thousands of visitors per month, gaining popularity also in different social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and youtube. Have a look at this link whether you are a beginner barista, experienced one or just a coffee lover.

Final Thoughts

There are many coffee blogs and coffee influencers that we have discussed above. You can visit them and get more coffee-related articles that you can read to learn more about the whole coffee industry. There are coffee blogs and other influencers that have settled on ensuring that people get the best coffee at home and interact well with the brewing machines, ensuring you achieve the best coffee cup whenever you need one.

Blogger outreach have been connecting people with the new influencers in the niche market, and this has ensured there is a good prospect in the market which could promote the level of the expertise when it comes to coffee, and this has encouraged many people to love coffee more than ever.

For instance, some coffee blogs have great influence and have more than 100k followers, and they have been using the web to ensure people get all the news about the industry. In addition to that, each blog has an email address in which you can reach out and ask questions, and you will get a prompt response. If you are there and need to set a coffee shop or just improve your skills at brewing, then you need the best coffee blog to get all the necessary info.

I recommended to surf the net looking for coffee blogs and make a personal list of the best coffee blog out there. It’s through studying from online coffee blogs and coffee books that you get to know more about this world no matter how many certificates or SCA courses you get. There are myriad of articles out there waiting for you.

coffeextraction logo monogram
coffeextraction logo monogram



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