5 Best Ways To Store Your Coffee Beans: How To Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh?

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Coffee lovers knows coffee that high-end quality speciality coffee beans play a pivotal role in producing the most delicate and aromatic coffee flavor. Many factors are affecting the coffee’s quality. One of which is how to store the coffee beans properly. Learn the best ways to store your coffee beans!

Therefore, if you are a coffee lover, you have to understand the best ways of maintaining the coffee beans attribute long enough before roasting.

On the other hand, you have to acknowledge some critical coffee’s attributes. Hygroscopic is an element that can absorb water from neighbouring environments and change its physical characteristics. Since coffee carries a hygroscopic substance in its body, you need to safeguard it from light, moisture, heat, and air. Otherwise, the coffee will lose its original aroma and freshness.

Best way to store your coffee beans long term

Coffee Beans Do Not Expire, But…

Coffee beans do not have an expiry date; however, they will lose the scent and taste after a few months if not stored correctly. For this reason, you must have an appropriate technique to safeguard your coffee’s standards.

By doing so, the coffee will consistently retain its exceptional attributes for up to 3 months. As for this matter, you can bring it out bit by bit to make the best coffee for families and friends.

Coffee Freshness Can Be Influenced in Many Ways

Coffee quality depends on the environment surrounding it. As mentioned earlier, coffee will change its physical attributes due to the hygroscopic substance. Thus, below are the key influences that shift the coffee’s characteristics.

Sunlight contains UV rays and heat that the coffee is vulnerable to. Therefore, when the coffee beans are exposed to the sunlight, the elements will disintegrate, causing the coffee to lose its aroma.

How to keep coffee beans fresh for months

Time is also another factor affecting the coffee’s flavour. Generally, the coffee beans are roasted and kept in a vacuum-seal container.

It allows you to keep the coffee fresh for up to 3 months. In addition, if you want to get fresh coffee, you should brew it immediately after roasting.
Oxidation is the coffee’s flavour killer. Similar to sunlight, oxidation will disassemble every tiny molecule inside the coffee beans.

Hence, the coffee fragrance will disappear when getting in touch with oxygen for too long.
A humid environment can be the cause for making the coffee lose its exceptional scent.

It would be a great idea to not over-drying it, so the coffee beans will remain intact.Normally, the coffee beans are always roasted and well-packaged. However, if you want to buy ground coffee, it is essential to use them before the coffee bean becomes stale.

5 Best Ways To Store Your Coffee Beans Correctly And Keep Them Fresh Longer

When you want to make a cup of the most aromatic and extraordinary coffee, you have to know the right methods to store it. Below are the 5 finest and guaranteed techniques you can use to preserve your coffee’s flavour.

Purchase Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans.

how to store coffee beans long term
fresh coffee beans are always the best option

When the coffee beans are ground the “surface” is open, causing them to be prone to oxidation. As a result, the ground beans are likely to lose their freshness and scent quicker due to a sensitive exposure to oxygen. For this reason, it is important to store the whole coffee beans. You can take a small amount of the whole beans and grind them fresh whenever you need to make coffee. Because the freshly ground coffee flavour lasts for a short period, it would be great to brew it instantly. By doing so, it is guaranteed that you can bring out all of the organic attributes and freshness to a cup of coffee.

The Essence of Storing Smaller Quantities

Coffee starts to lose its freshness as soon as it is roasted. Make sure to purchase smaller quantities of freshly roasted coffee more often to be sufficient for about one or two weeks.

Air exposure is harmful to beans. Suppose you would prefer to store your beans in a convenient and appealing container. In that case, it might be a good idea to break up your coffee supply into smaller parts and place the remaining larger portion inside a sealed airtight container.

This is crucial when buying pre-ground coffee due to the higher risk of exposure to air. If you purchase whole beans, you need to grind the quantity you require immediately before brewing. We suggest buying beans in smaller quantities to ensure freshness.

Keep The Coffee Beans Fresh In An Airtight Container

best ways to store coffee beans
one of the Best ways to store coffee beans is to use the right containers

Storing your favourite coffee in an airtight container is among the most beneficial actions you can do to prolong the freshness duration of your beverage. A sealed airtight container is the ideal coffee storage solution. The patented valve removes the air from the container before sealing the lid with an airtight seal in the right place.

To keep your beans’ fresh roasted taste for the longest time possible, keep them in an obscure airtight container at normal room temperature. Coffee beans can be stunning; however, avoid clear containers that let light alter the flavour of the coffee.

Place your beans in a cool and dark place. The oven’s cabinet is usually affected by its warm temperature; therefore, you should avoid the easily exposed area to afternoon sun and heat.

The packaging used for coffee’s retail is typically not suitable for long-term storage. If you can, purchase storage containers that have airtight seals.

Beware of the Light

We suggest using a canister or container with a lid that’s not transparent as coffee is not good to expose to light.

If you prefer glass containers, you should consider placing them in the corner of the cupboard or pantry instead of outside.

Is Freezing Coffee Beans Good For Freshness?

We suggest not using your refrigerator to store coffee completely. This is because refrigerators are humid places that are full of food items and drinks. The roasted coffee is extremely porous and absorbs the water and odours present in your freezer and fridge, affecting the flavour quality.

Should you keep ground coffee in the fridge

Although there are many opinions about whether or not coffee should be refrigerated or frozen, the most important thing to consider is that coffee is a sponge for moisture and odours.

The majority of storage containers used in homes let in small amounts of oxygen, which is why foods stored for long periods in the freezer may get freezer burn.

If you choose to freeze or refrigerate your beans, please be ensured that you use an airtight container.

If you opt to store your coffee in the freezer, swiftly remove the amount you’ll need in less than one week at a time and then return the remainder to the freezer before any condensation develops on the frozen coffee.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Roasted Coffee Beans’ Freshness

Why Do High-Quality Roasted Coffee Beans Matter?

Nowadays, many coffee drinkers have more knowledge about the coffee option than they ever did before, and they prefer to consume the finest coffee beans available.

The choice of high-quality coffee beans matters because it allows you to access a rapidly expanding market full of premium item alternatives.

The truth is when you switch to investing in certified and high-quality coffee beans, you’re not only choosing a superior ingredient for your perfect cup of joe, but you are showing genuine support to encourage producers in creating more sustainable products for the world.

More importantly, when buying roasted coffee beans, check out the bean profiles, type of beans, roasting levels, aroma and flavour preferences. These are all the important characters you can’t overlook to get high quality roasted coffee beans. Besides, here are some more essential notes you’d rather know:

Roast Date

Fresh roast yields the best cup for your coffee obsession. The thing is, the coffee starts to lose its freshness the moment the beans are being roasted. So, always remember to choose coffee that visibly comes with roasting dates on their packages and not those without any date remark, then use it within 1 month from the roasting date for ideal taste.

Roast Color

Always check the coffee beans color

Notice the roast colour. This appearance will hint you the beans’ flavour. Nevertheless, the perfect colour for roasted beans heavily depends on an individual’s fondness.

Some people like their coffee to taste extra acidic with a lower caffeine taste in which light roast is right for them. Meanwhile, the medium and dark roast bean colours are more suitable for people who fancy their coffee to be richer, bolder, and bitter.

How Long Do Roasted Coffee Beans Last?

Freshness is absolutely a significant element contributing to high-quality coffee. Coffee connoisseurs suggest consumers brew roasted beans as fast as possible. Otherwise, they could become dull, and stale producing an unfavorable experience to the drinkers.

The golden rule is; to never leave your roasted coffee beans for too long; 2 to 4 weeks would be the optimal period that you could enjoy your freshly brewed coffee at its finest level.

At the same time, many aspects can impact the beans’ freshness. Eventually, how you can keep the beans fresh longer and how long they last may vary according to the beans’ condition and how you store them after opening. Long story short, always keep your fresh coffee beans in a cold, dark, dry setting.

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