International Charities Organisations Helping Coffee Producers

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Did you know coffee is the most celebrated drink across the globe? However, what many people don’t know is the process, challenges which the coffee producers go through to ensure you get a cup of coffee on your table. The good news is that there are some International charities which have stretched their support to these growing coffee farmers.

The primary goal behind these organisation and charities is helping these producers to ensure they improve their lives and also enhance increased output. In addition to that, it is good to note that there are different types of assistance which include water supply, a community project for sustainability, among other assistance.

International Charities Organisations helping Coffee producers

  1. food 4 farmers FOOD 4 FARMERS

It is a charity based organisation which got established in the year 2010. Its main aim is to help the coffee producers across the globe with its focus being to alleviate poverty in such communities. Food 4 farmers have been able to fill the gap between the net income which gets generated by the farmers from the coffee production, and the total income which the farmers need to live their daily life.

The truth about the coffee producers is that they pass through a lot of challenges and struggle to make ends meets and hence put them in a significant risk of starvation, and poor health standard. For instance, the working condition has led to many farmers contracting diseases like Pneumonia due to cold, but with the help of Food 4 Farmers, it has ensured that such farmers enjoy their lives.


Food 4 Farmers has introduced critical projects in Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua among other places where coffee is grown by the farmers.

  1.  Empowerment Of Farmers

Food 4 Farmers have been in the front line in ensuring the farmers in the coffee-growing areas have been empowered with the primary aim to improve the coffee production through the farms. Most of the farmers in these areas are less educated and civilized, which put them at a disadvantage in realizing their rights as farmers. The organisation has been conducting civic education to such farmers who have boosted their lives.

  1. Promoting Food Security

The significant challenge which the farmers face is food insecurity because when they plant the coffee, it utilises the whole piece of land, especially those with small production lots. Food 4 Farmer ensures that such farmers get access to the food which they can consume in their families. For instance, in Nicaragua, most of the farmers have run out of the food, but luckily enough the charities organisation helped the farmers by increasing the production and consumption of local food. And by doing that, the charity creates several benefits such as decrease imports, reducing the impact of the environment and on climate change.

  1. the coffee trustTHE COFFEE TRUST

The Coffee Trust is one of the International based Charities organisation which is assisting the coffee to producers across the globe. The organisation has put more focus on the Ixil region of Guatemala, where it has introduced various projects which ensure the farmers get empowered.


  1. Health And Food Independence 

The organisation has put more focus on the food and health in the region because they are the main challenges faced by the coffee producers. They advise the farmers on alternative crop production to increase food security. On the other hand, they have guaranteed the health to the farmers to which they are entitled.

  1. Education 

The fact about the Ixil region is that there is a high level of illiterate hence affecting the social status of the area. However, the organisation has ensured there is an increase in the access of education to the children by offering scholarship and also learning environment.

  1. pueblo a pueblo PUEBLO A PUEBLO

It is a charity organisation whose main aim is to help the coffee communities in improving their lives through sustainable programs. It has introduced various programs in the rural areas of Guatemala. The reason why the organisation is focused on undertaking such a program is to enhance development in such marginalised areas.


  1. Child Education Support 

The organisation has provided some scholarships to the children of coffee producers in Guatemala to ensure they boost education. It aims to reduce the level of illiteracy in the areas where coffee is grown.

  1. Beekeeping for Coffee Farmers

Alongside coffee production, the organisation has ensured the farmers also to learn how to keep bees to sustain their livelihood. Most of their lands are covered by the coffee trees which make it ideal to grow coffee; hence, beekeeping would promote environmental sustainability by creating a biodiversity environment in which bees are free to pollinate coffee blossoms.

  1. project waterfall charityPROJECT WATERFALL

The organisation is concerned about giving back to the communities which produce coffee through a sustainable program. It got launched in 2011 and since then it has reached more than 50,000 lives in various parts of the globe.


  1. Building Strong Communities

The organisation ensures there is access to clean water and education to the growing coffee communities, which would promote a better life. The main aim of this program is to improve the lives of the communities by supporting them with healthy food and improved facilities and accessibility to water.

  1. Empower Children and Women

Women and young children spend most of their time collecting water for their families which is a significant challenge to the women. For instance, most of these women suffer from fatigue and chronic pain, and it also precludes the girls from going to school.

  1. enveritasENVERITAS

It is a non-profit based organisation which was formed in the year 2016 with the main focus to ensure that there is an improvement in the economic well-being of the coffee farmers in various part of the globe. The reason why the organisation has paid focus on this is to address sustainability on the unorganized smallholders that lack on the coffee market access.


  1. Eradicate Poverty in Coffee-Growing Areas

It is the main activities which are being undertaken by the organisation with the main focus being to eradicate poverty in such areas. Most of the coffee producers are peasant farmers who suffer from poverty despite producing the most celebrated drink.

  1. Promote Sustainability

Most of the coffee-growing areas have been abandoned since most are based in rural areas. There is less access to facilities such as education, health facilities, among others which would ensure the growth of such areas.

  1. costa foundationCOSTA FOUNDATION

It is an independent charity founded in 2007 to help boys and girls of the poorest coffee producing country by increasing access to education. So far, the charity raised more than £14 million with 75,000 children able to attend school.


  1. Child Education Support

The charity is building schools to give more chances to the children to attend school. The foundation is working in 10 coffee growing countries such as Honduras, Vietnam, and Uganda. Its goal is to raise £20 million by 2021 and build other 100 schools by the next year.

  1. Creation of jobs

The foundation has created more than 1000 jobs so far, such as cooks, assistants and teachers. All this is helping to eradicate poverty in such areas improving better living conditions to all the communities.



Coffee producers in various countries are facing a lot of challenges which need the intervention of everyone to promote livelihood in such areas. Non-profit coffee organisations are ensuring there is good sustainability, communities empowerment in such areas.

However, there is a need for International charities to consider all the various ways in which the farmers’ rights would be promoted on the different organisation they are working.

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