I took the time to explain what is  pour-over coffee in one of my previous articles. As an Italian,  drip coffee isn’t the most known and used, especially in the morning when the time is limited and a moka or a 1-touch machine are very quick and easy to use; but i definitely fell in love with these brewing systems so let’s see the differences between the  Chemex  vs Hario V60! 

Being a professional barista helped me develop a good knowledge about other types of coffee styles and flavours. In the last recent years, I got in love with the pour-over coffee as the quality of the coffee can be simply amazing.

I own both and both products can help you make an excellent cup of coffee. Both are simply designed and easy to use and both are a piece of art….talking about art…if you are around New York go to see the Museum of Modern Art which a model of a Chemex coffee machine is exposed.

But if you are on a strict budget and you can only get one (Christmas is close), let’s see the best options to consider about Chemex vs. Hario V60!

What is the Chemex brewing method?

Chemex vs Hario V60
Chemex vs Hario V60: grind size is important

Chemex is a genial  heat-resistant perfectly designed  glass vessel in a similar shape of a normal hourglass, with a small ridge that serves as a spout and an external handler.

The most common models of Chemex have got a heat-proof wooden collar built around its pinched waist, carefully tied with a leather band (or other materials)  for a better handling experience.

Some Chemex models have different types of handles and different types of construct, including handcraft and expensive hand-blown glass models!

Chemex was thought and manufactured in a chemistry lab in 1941. The inventor, Dr Peter Schlumbohm, modelled a designed vessel to make the coffee brewing process simple and beautiful.

Dr Peter Schlumbohm also created the thick coffee filters that must be applied to make a super clean Chemex coffee.

This pour-over coffee maker has established numerous awards for its design.

What is a Hario V60 brewing method?

Hario V60 was named in this genius way for the perfect 60-degree angle of its cone!

This v60 angle has been designed to work with spiral ribs placed on the inside surface of the cone and it allows water to flow and to expand properly once the right coffee ground size is placed.

Hario is a famous  Japanese company that, when established, was manufacturing glass and ceramic equipment for labs and universities.

Today the Japanese company still manufacture lab equipment adding also a section of its production for home and kitchen tools.

You can find The Hario V60 in many colours, materials and sizes, made in transparent glass such as the classic one, ceramic, copper and even cheaper plastic models (which I prefer above the rest for the ability to retain the heat).

What is pour-over coffee?

pour over coffee
I love both Chemex and Hario V60

As explained in one of my previous articles, Pour-over coffee is tasty coffee made with hot water slowly hand-poured over the coffee grounds!

The brewing process is very similar to any drip coffee maker device but in this brewing method, you can control the flow of water poured and so total control over the extraction process.

In Italy and London, it has definitely increased as new coffee trends.

I learnt how to make great pour-over coffee a few years ago in a speciality coffee shop in London.

Pour-over coffee can be the best coffee you have ever tasted.

If the coffee beans are ground properly the flavour of the beans is maximized, without a hint of bitterness.

I now own several pour-over coffee makers and it became one of my favourite brewing methods.

How to make pour-over coffee

Pour-over coffee lovers usually use a professional kettle to heat and pour the water into the coffee maker of their choice.

  • A Kettle with a good gooseneck allows enough control over the flow of the water and hence allows you a slower pour to maximize the coffee flavour.
  • Bit by bit add a little water to the coffee grounds allowing them to bloom slowly (expand) and release the carbon dioxide.
  • Pour slowly the rest of the water over the grounds. This process creates a cleaner cup of coffee without sediment or bitterness.

In the video below, I use Hario V60 to make a specialty coffee.

What’s the difference between Chemex vs Hario V60?

Grind size

Chemex vs. Hario V60 comparison

Both coffee makers are designed for different coffee bean grind sizes.

Chemex goes better with a medium-coarse grind, but you can still obtain good results if the grind is a bit finer or coarser.

Usually, with The Hario V60, you can get a stronger coffee with a fine grind and a slow pour and a weaker coffee using a coarser grind size and a faster pour.

Funnel design

The Hario V60 has got grooves on the inside of its famous cone which creates a faster extraction.

The Chemex involve a slightly different process and it fully depends on the coffee filter which is thicker hence a longer extraction.

The coffee adheres to the small space between the filter and its funnel, and the coffee exits through the bottom of the funnel.

Both exit holes in these brewers are very large compared to many other pour-over devices!

These are the main factors that determine that the grind size and rate of pour are such key factors when you brew using these 2 bad boys.

Filters for Chemex vs Hario V60

They both use paper filters, of different brands, materials and thicknesses.

If you like a super clean coffee then the Chemex is DEFINITELY for you….its thicker filter doesn’t let so many oils pass through the filter compared to the V60! That’s why this method produces a super clear coffee.

Variety of sizes

The standard Hario V60 size does 2 cups of coffee per time.

The Chemex is up to 13 cups depending on which models you are going to buy!

Chemex vs Hario V60: Which one should you buy?

Hario v60 and manual grinder
Nice having our coffee kit always available

These pour-over coffee makers are great. They both make great coffee and are pretty easy to use and become a must-have to have in our kitchen.

As I own both I can just suggest following your taste and heart….visit coffee shops and try both devices made by a professional barista.

Buy the Chemex if:

  • Multiple cups of coffee
  • Design
  • No sediment
  • No plastic

Buy the Hario V60 if:

  • Do you love single cups
  • Unbreakable (of course not the ceramic/glass model)
  • Customize your cup of coffee with different filters and pouring techniques
  • easy to clean

Chemex sizes and styles

Chemex vs Hario v60
Chemex vs Hario v60 the decision is only yours….which coffee do you like best?

The Chemex sizes:

  • 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13-cup devices
  • All are clear glass

Chemex makes three lines of brewer:

  • Classic: with a natural wooden collar, tied on with a rawhide band in different colours
  • Glass handle (posh) 
  • Hand-craft: art made by artisans

Remember that not all sizes are available in every line.

Hario V60 sizes and styles

The Hario V60 is built with a few materials:

  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Heat-proof glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper

The plastic models are the cheapest (and the best)!

Chemex vs Hario V60? I guess you have enough information to make your brewing choice.



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