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As you sit there enjoying your hot morning cup of coffee, have you ever stopped and wondered what else those beans have to offer?

Considering the high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants found in coffee, it’s no surprise to learn of the numerous ways how coffee benefits skin.

For example, while coffee and caffeine tend to get a bad rap, caffeine has been shown to improve the physical appearances of skin, by increasing blood flow to the surface. Whether you are hoping to gain a more youthful glow, or just want healthier skin overall, trying a few homemade coffee products may be worth a shot. Here are a few of our favourite beauty-related uses for coffee grounds, for younger, more beautiful skin.

Find out how coffee benefits skin

Reduction of Dark Circles

If you suffer from dark under-eye circles and find yourself looking tired, you might try the coffee! By stimulating the blood vessels, which contribute to the dark hue, located beneath your eyes. How can you utilize coffee here? Combine:

  • ½ Teaspoon Fresh Coffee Grounds
  • ½ Teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • A Few Drops of Water

Once these ingredients have been mixed together, gently pat the serum underneath your eyes (avoid rubbing it in). Allow it to sit for anywhere between 5-10 minutes – depending on your preference. And, finally, gently remove the mixture, by rinsing with warm water, or swiping with a face wipe. If you find yourself in favor of this beauty treatment, you might repeat it as often as desired.

Exfoliation for Dead Skin Cell Removal

When it comes to the overall brightness of your skin, nothing helps more than regularly polishing away those dead skin cells. Because of your natural rapid cell turnover rate, you might notice your skin looks flaky, aged, or dull. Your fine lines or scars might also appear enhanced after skipping a day or two of regular washing. Thankfully, coffee is also beneficial in this area.

By simply investing in high quality, handmade coffee ground soap bar or skin scrub, you can polish your skin toward a more youthful glow. By scrubbing away dead skin cells, and sebum, the skin can easily absorb the nutrient-rich power of coffee beans to assist in the prevention of wrinkles – such as antioxidants.

Fade Stretch Marks

This one is tricky, simply because there are a lot of products that promise to fade, or “erase” stretch marks altogether. When you consider it from a physical point of view, utilizing a coarse, natural component, will simply speed up fading by removing layers of skin cells. If you’d like to take advantage of the scrubbing power of coffee grounds, in addition to the nutrients, here’s what you need to do. Simply take:

  • 1 Tablespoon Fresh, Finely Ground Coffee
  • Enough Water to Create a Paste

Once you have this combination well blended, apply it to your skin and rub it in for a few minutes (anywhere between 1 to 3 minutes will do). A circular motion will improve blood flow to the area, thereby speeding the healing process.

Calm an Angry Sunburn

Regardless of what you apply to a sunburn, you can most likely expect it to sting, or feel a little uncomfortable upon application. Thankfully, there are a variety of remedies one might experiment with to find their favoured treatment. In addition to offering protection from UV rays, caffeine has been found to improve skin conditions after damaging exposure to the sun. If you find yourself dealing with a sunburn, aside from reaching for aloe vera, consider a coffee-based approach to healing. What steps might be taken to create an ailment?

  • Brew a Fresh Cup of Coffee
  • Dilute the Coffee in Cold Water
  • Soak a Clean Wash Cloth in the Coffee Solution (wring out well)
  • Gently Apply a Wash Cloth to any Affected Areas
  • Allow it to Rest Upon the Skin, Dabbing when you Move
  • Repeat as Needed, or Until Redness/Swelling Subside

Alternatively, if you are hoping for something that may offer a prolonged cooling effect, you can opt for frozen ice cubes, instead. To enjoy the same healing benefits of a diluted coffee-soaked washcloth, pour the solution into an ice tray. Once the skin soak has frozen, wrap it in a clean cloth, and set it on your skin. Regardless of your chosen method, the caffeine will promote healing to UV damaged skin.

Homemade DIY Coffee Face Mask

coffee benefits skin
coffee benefits skin: mask with coffee and other ingredients

While you can go out and spend a large amount on mass-produced beauty products, such as coffee sheet masks, or coffee moisturizer, you could turn to your cabinet, instead. By utilizing what you have already paid for, you can create a quick, easy, and beneficial coffee face mask at home – without spending extra. This particular coffee beauty recipe is formulated to prevent the clogging of pores, while also removing impurities that lead to other various conditions. To create a healthy, affordable skin mask, gather:

Simply mix these two ingredients, until well combined. Now, it is important to note that the ingredients should not be swapped out for others, as they won’t work the same way. As an alternative, if you are allergic to nut products, or find you have various aversions to hazelnut oil, you may sub extra virgin olive oil. The importance of these two specific oils is that they will not clog pores.

Coffee Lovers United

As you can see, coffee has many uses aside from providing a lovely beverage, the naturally occurring caffeine has a plethora of benefits. From face masks to scalp scrubs, and everything in between, that bag of beans in your cupboard is a treasure trove of untapped secrets.

If you are someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy the scent, or flavour of coffee, opt for a lighter roast. As a matter of fact, lightly roasted coffee beans contain higher levels of caffeine – which may provide enhanced benefits.

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