Those of you out there who always ask your barista for the strongest coffee they are morally able to give you need to hear about Death Wish Coffee Company.

Although we do not know exactly how much caffeine is in Death Wish Coffee, their beans are said to contain 200% more caffeine than the average coffee bean. Death Wish Coffee Company has been labelled the strongest coffee in the world, but how strong is that exactly? Well here is my comprehensive review of this powerful coffee, its side effects, and its warnings.

death wish coffee
death wish coffee

How strong is Death Wish Coffee?

The biggest mystery stems from the fact that nobody knows exactly how much caffeine Death Wish Coffee has. The company has kept this knowledge a secret, but many have tried to measure it. Although the results are mostly inconclusive, many people agree that it contains somewhere between 300-472 mg of coffee in each cup. That comes out to 59 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. For comparison, a regular cup of coffee contains around 14 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce.
Death Wish Coffee’s head of marketing, Shannon Sweeney said that their coffee “may result in sleepless nights, energetic mornings, and productive days.” After hearing from people who have tried this coffee, that seems like an understatement.

Why is Death Wish Coffee so strong?

According to CEO Mike Brown, Death Wish Coffee contains no additives, only coffee. They do not add caffeine to their beans. The large amount of caffeine their coffee contains stems from the type of beans they use in their blends and from the detail-oriented roasting process the company uses.

Death Wish Coffee contains Robusta beans that are much higher in caffeination than Arabica beans, which most coffee brands use.

Many people are surprised to learn that this is a dark roast. There is a misconception that light roast coffee always contains more caffeine than dark roast but Death Wish Coffee is living proof that this is not the case.

The company roasts their beans incredibly slowly so they reach a smooth and even dark roast.

Because of how slowly their coffee beans are roasted, they contain a significantly less amount of acidity. Ironically, the lower acidity levels make Death Wish Coffee better for your gut health than a coffee with higher acidity levels. That is not to say that it is good for you – or even safe!

What does Death Wish Coffee taste like?

Death Wish Coffee is a beautiful dark roast blend made with beans from the most nutrient soils of India and Peru.

This coffee has an intense bite and a bold flavour that jolts you awake. Although the company states their coffee is not bitter, several caffeine addicts claim this is not entirely true.

Although it is not as bitter as most coffee, it is said to be bitter to its consumers. However, this bitterness is almost entirely cancelled out by its chocolaty cherry notes. All around, Death Wish Coffee is a smooth dark roast that will leave your mouth watering.

Is Death Wish Coffee safe?

Death wish coffee contains more than twice the amount of coffee that a regular cup does. You may be thinking that is not a big deal. You probably drink several cups of coffee a day, so what’s the matter? Well, it comes down to the difference between drinking 400 mg of caffeine throughout the day and drinking 400 mg of caffeine all at once.

That caffeine hits your system much faster than regular coffee does, even if it is the same total amount of caffeine. This can cause heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, and even panic attacks. One coffee lover by the name of Lis Roebuck could not sleep for 8 full days after drinking a full pot of it. She had to see her doctor and quit cold turkey. That is many coffee lover’s worst nightmare.

Death Wish Coffee can be dangerous if used carelessly but ultimately has been deemed safe to drink for anyone without pre-existing heart conditions. Of course, you should not just take our word for it. Please consult a doctor if you have any pre-existing health conditions before drinking Death Wish Coffee.

Long story short, for Death Wish Coffee to endanger your life, a person would have to chug three whole mugs of it as fast as possible. I know some of you out there have probably done that on a bad day, but let’s be real. Nobody in their right mind is going to be drinking that much coffee from a company that has a health hazard warning on its packaging.

Where to buy Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee sells their beans through their official website for those of us willing to risk it all for that extra caffeination. They ship to most countries around the globe including the UK. They have many flavours to choose from and even sell pre-packaged beverages such as cold brew. Not that we really needed this coffee to have any more kick to it.

Death Wish Coffee can also be purchased through Amazon, however, this is controversial. Many people argue that it should not be available for purchase over Amazon because Amazon does not have the proper disclaimers for a coffee this strong. While the company website repeats over and over again that this brew is not to be taken lightly, Amazon does no such thing.

If you do choose to purchase from Amazon, just be aware of the strength of this coffee and do your research before drinking more than a cup. That being said, Death Wish Coffee can also be purchased at many general retail and grocery stores such as Walmart and Target.

Death Wish Coffee has publicly stated that the majority of its consumers are people who have to physically stay awake to do their job. This consists of first responders, doctors and nurses who have the night shift starting at 3 am, and people who work double 12 hour shifts.

Most average people do not drink Death Wish Coffee regularly.

This coffee is just what many of us caffeine addicts have been looking for.

Finally, a cup of coffee that can kick start any Monday regardless of how tired you are. While it has been deemed safe to drink, people with underlying conditions should be careful. Scratch that, everyone should be conscientious of how much caffeine is really in this coffee.

Please be warned. Although their name is literally “Death Wish” try not to take them literally.


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