Is It Good To Drink Coffee Before Training Or Going To The Gym?

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When it’s time to exercise, how many times have you wished you had a little more energy to start with? That impulse activates your body and mind before training or going to the gym. When you drink coffee before training you can make a difference.

There are many options such as energy drinks, supplements, etc. But nothing healthier and cheaper than coffee.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world as well as the main source of caffeine. It also provides nutrients, antioxidants, and performance enhancers such as ergogenic acid.

It also offers an exquisite flavour, aroma, and a sensory experience like no other.

Although drinking coffee before training is not an essential requirement for a good exercise routine, as you will remember, coffee provides health benefits and also helps with weight loss.

Interesting, right?

And it is not a saying, it is scientifically proven as stated by Amaro-Gahete in an investigation carried out at the University of Granada:
“Caffeine has been used for years to increase athletic performance both in aerobic disciplines and in strength and speed disciplines.” Actually, “it is a substance approved by the organisms and that can be used in competition.”

I invite you to discover in this article everything about drinking coffee before or after exercising.

drink coffee before training or gymIs it good to drink coffee before training?

The ideal is to consume about 3 mg/kg of caffeine about 30 minutes before starting your training, as proposed by the study carried out in the Department of Physiology of the University of Granada.

However, keep in mind that, for best results, you should consume regular ground coffee. Either fresh or packaged coffee. An instant or decaf, as well as coffee with sugar, will not do you much good.

Enjoy your ritual by selecting, grinding, and infusing a cup of coffee is full of benefits for your routine and maximizes its advantages:

  1. Activate the adrenaline. Did you see when in the morning you feel that coffee activates your body and mind? It is the stimulation of caffeine to the central nervous system, the heart, and the circulatory system, which improves your reaction level for the workout.
  2. Burns the fat. By causing the release of fatty acids, caffeine prompts the metabolism to use fat for energy and maintain carbohydrates to improve muscle mass.
  3. Minimize fatigue. Improve your performance by reducing fatigue with a dose of caffeine. Increase your repetitions and physical performance for longer.
  4. Relieves muscle pain. By doing strength exercises that usually leave the typical muscle aches, those who previously have a cup of coffee improve their resistance and tolerance.
  5. Decreases appetite. Those who drink coffee before their workouts consumed 72 fewer calories a day, a great help to lose weight.

How long to drink coffee before training?

Obviously, at this level, we are talking about drinking coffee as a complement to physical exercise, rather than the traditional cup of coffee every day. Many fitness freaks prefer to drink coffee before training but s it a good habit?

To obtain results, you cannot depend on your cup of breakfast, but you must program a consumption plan taking into account the cycle of absorption of caffeine in the body.
Once ingested, caffeine circulates through the bloodstream for about five to six hours. This is the time you have to render its effects.

However, the optimal moment of concentration is in the first 45 – 60 minutes after ingestion. According to studies carried out in this period, you make the most of the energy boost and fat burning.

Regarding the dose, they recommend drinking coffee before training from 2 to 6 mg per kg of body weight. Remember not to exceed 400 mg of caffeine per day recommended for healthy consumption.

coffee burns fatsSo, will drinking coffee before training help me burn fat?

Coffee works as a weight-loss supplement, as it stimulates metabolism and reduces appetite.

According to research results, taking caffeine before exercise increases the release of stored fat by 30%. In addition, it increases the burning of calories.

There are those who recommend supplementing coffee with cinnamon to enhance the effect of burning fat. Although this is not scientifically confirmed, you do not lose anything by trying it because cinnamon does not either add calories or antioxidants.

Coffee Before going to the gym

Does it also work in the case of going to the gym?

Of course! Whether you do any fitness activity such as spinning, pilates, cross-fit, yoga, aerobics, machines or weights.

The important thing is to drink a strong espresso-type coffee on an empty stomach and then another 30 minutes before starting your routine. Always take the precaution of not taking in excess to avoid counterproductive effects.

I hope this information to drink coffee before training or after exercising is useful. And that you incorporate it into your training plan.

Leave me in the comments the results you obtained and share them on your social networks.


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