The Aergrind coffee hand grinder review

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If you don’t have enough money to spend on an electric grinder maybe you should consider to buy a hand grinder such as Aergrind.

Especially if we are talking about Made by Knock, a two men company in Portobello, a suburb of Edinburgh, that has been making extraordinary grinder.  The company, after the previous achievements with the Hausgrind and Feldgrind grinders, launched a new campaign on kickstarter (and reached its goal after a day) with the aim to build Aergrind.

review aergrind hand coffee grinderThe main features of the Aergrind

Aergrind is probably the best grinder of its class. It has the same burrs of the Feldgrind but it’s smaller, much cheaper and also travel friendly.

What usually happens when testing grinder is that the smaller the grinder, the worse the quality. But it’s not the case of the new Aergrind which is really compact and deliver exceptional consistency while grinding. So, let’s take a look in detail.

Here’s the main feature:

  • the grinder has 38mm of coated steel conical italmill burr sets. The grind size is pretty consistent and it’s impressive for how few fines a dose of coffee contains. To cut it short, fines are responsible to over extraction so producing less fines is what we want because we aim for a better and uniform distribution;
  • grind setting: making adjustment is super easy, it doesn’t require a lot of adjustment over time and there’s a lot to play from Turkish to coarser grind (I would stop until pour over setting). To change the setting, we just need to hold the top of the grinder with a hand and move the handle with the other one. By turning the dial all the way to the left we locked the burrs;
  • travel friendly: the aergrind has been made to fit perfectly into the funnel of the aeropress, making it compact to take it anywhere and it also leaves a lot of space in the luggage in case of travel;
  • ergonomic: grinding with the aergrind is as smooth as confortable. The dose capacity is about 25-30 grams of coffee, depending on the density and size of the beans. Grinding 25 grams required about 40-45 seconds. Many could complain about the capacity but I think it’s not what we need to looking for since it has been designed for travel;
  • the price: the aergrind costs about 100 pounds making it an affordable grinder for everyone but also the best quality hand grinder considering the competitors price.

The Aergrind comes in black, red and blue.

And it’s also the only hand grinder that can be used as a bottle opener 🙂

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