Ditting KF-1800 industrial coffee grinder review

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Today i write about the Ditting KF-1800 industrial coffee grinder

A bit of history of the Ditting Mahlkonig

The Ditting Company was founded by Adolf Ditting in Zurich in 1928. It was firstly a car manufacturing industry and a repair shop. It started then selling meat and slicer in 1944 and after 10 years, producing electric grinders. In 1972 Ditting became a proper corporation, named Ditting AG maintaining the food business until 1987.

In 1992 the company changed the name for the last time into Ditting Maschinen AG. And finally, in 1998, the company started focusing only on developing coffee grinders with high technology. Last important step was made in 2008 when it joined the holding HEMRO AG along with Mahlköenig Gmbh.

So, today I’m talking about the Ditting KF-1800 model, a coffee grinder that has been designed especially for small to medium-sized roasting plants. In spite of small dimensions and a pretty simple design, it’s solid and heavy (most of the time a good weight is equivalent to quality because good components are heavy). Let’s go more into detail.

ditting kf 1800
Ditting KF-1800

Ditting KF-1800 industrial coffee grinder specifications 

The Ditting KF-1800 coffee grinder is as functional as its features:

  • super fast grinding: the Ditting KF-1800 is able to grind 5-6 kg per minute without overheating the grinding chamber thanks to a cooling built-in fan. This allows a consistent grinding through a uniform particle size which preserves the aromatic compounds and leads into a better extraction;
  • burr sharpening: burrs are extremely wear-resistant and can be sharpened up to 3 times extending its lifespan at more than 40 tons of coffee;
  • high precision grinding: the burrs are made of high quality stainless steel material, 180 mm of diameter and are carefully shaped into the desired performance for any degrees of fineness, from espresso size to cold brew one;
  • slide cut-off for bean inflow: grinding can be on continuous mode or can be stopped any time thanks to this device;
  • discharger tube: an additional tube makes easier to deposit the coffee outflow.

Ditting KF-1800 usage impressions

The hopper is massive with a 30 kg capacity. It takes less than 6 minutes to grind a fully one so we need to make sure we have a clear idea on what we are going to grind for.

What is clear is that the company doesn’t invest time to spend on design, but instead, on the simplicity, functionality rather than technology. It’s also easy to clean: all the components are easy to access. It’s recommended to clean the grinding chamber at the end of every day, especially when you see the grinding starts getting inconsistent. This could be the case to re-sharpened or replace the burrs: a not uniform grinding can be caused by worn out burrs.

Ditting kf-1800 for sale and the price

The KF-1800 model comes in brown or charcoal grey. The price starts from 12,000 pounds.


So, if you are looking for huge grinding capacity through consistency this is for you. You’re not going to pay for an aesthetic beauty, but instead for what the grinder can truly offers,  high performance over time.


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