Fiorenzato is a company that was founded in 1936 by Pietro Fiorenzato. At that time, he already knew how to make grinders, but since he opened his own company, he put all his energies to improve both quality and innovation.

But during the Second World War, a bombing destroyed his factory. Without losing his enthusiasm he rebuilt the factory and in 1948 the production started over again. From 2005 his two grandsons took over the business with research and technological development as the key to innovation.
Fiorenzato is now a worldwide brand known for its professional grinders.

Fiorenzato commercial grinder machines

Fiorenzato F64e is consistent
  • The Fiorenzato F64E is a commercial grinder. It’s a clump-free grinding, stepless doserless with 64mm steel flat burrs.
  • There is a touchscreen display with CapSense technology with a single, double and manual setting that also displays statistics on coffee consumption, date and time, the humidity and the temperature.
  • The touchscreen is user-friendly recognizing your fingerprint without any difficulty for the barista.
    There is as well a cooling fan which is only activated when the grinder is switched on.
  • This is one of the best budget coffee grinders on the market.
    It has a pretty solid body made of hardened steel.
    The grind quality is pretty good with repeatable and consistent shots recommended for a coffee shop with a regular flow of customers.

Fiorenzato coffee grinders color

The grinder comes with a short hopper and it is available in black, grey, white and red.

Fiorenzato coffee grinder price

The price of the grinder starts from £500 up to £700.

Fiorenzato coffee grinder for UK coffee shops

Solid body made by hardened steel, good grind quality, user friendly touchscreen. If you are looking for a good quality coffee grinder, at a competitive price, to help you obtain the best coffee extraction, this probably suits you.

Fiorenzato F64E – The Grade

Performance – 70%
Reliability – 80%
Burrs – 65%
Design – 70%

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