The story of this company began long time ago, specifically in the 1940’s in Scorzè, Venice. My review of the Mazzer ZM

Mazzer grider history

The first grinder was produced in 1958 and it was designed just as a grocery mill; it was developed to grind especially for espresso or moka grind size. It was later then (around 60 years), that the company started to think about satisfying the need of the coffee community.

In 2017, the company unveiled the Mazzer ZM at the SCA Global Expo.

Mazzer company logo
Mazzer company logo

It’s an elegant grinder designed for specialty coffee with high-tech properties that lead to high performance. It was last year at the London Coffee Festival when I first tried this fantastic grinder.

At first glance, I became fascinated of its elegance but also surprised about the repeatability it gave me from every single grinding. So, let’s talk about its features.

mazzer zm black
Mazzer zm black

Main features of Mazzer ZM

The company has introduced fantastic features with the aim of change the way we play with filter grinders:

  • the Electronic True Zero calibration system: this system ensures repeatability in multiple site by setting electronically the same distance (in microns) between the burrs in every grinder, thanks to a stepper motor. This is so cool, because it works even in case we need to replace the burrs with a new set; with the stepper motor we can calibrate the zero point between the new ones and so then we can bring the new burrs back exactly at the same position we set before;
  • low retention: 83 mm flat steel burrs are mounted vertically just over the exit path so there’s no enough space for the coffee grounds to stuck in the grinding chamber. That’s why this grinder offers the best coffee retention ever with just less than 0,45g per shot;
  • a double ventilation system: two fans help maintaining cool the grinding chamber to preserve the aromas. Many times through this blog I mentioned how important is to not overheat the burrs in terms of consistency in the cup. If you’re fancy have a look at this article (consistency really matters about coffee). The motor run at low RPM (about 900) and that’s important too in terms of consistency because lower RPM help to not produce static charge which could lead to the clumping phenomenon;

Mazzer zm vs mahlkonig ek43

  • a digital screen: unlike the mahlkönig EK43, there is a display to memorise different grind settings. The Mazzer ZM allows us to set up to twenty different settings with four displayed in the main screen as the frequent ones. The display also slides to the side to let us easily clean the grinding chamber.

    Mazzer ZM Digital Screen
    Mazzer ZM Digital Screen

Mazzer ZM burrs

This grinder is designed especially for filter coffee with the 151F burrs as the standard set but we can choose as well between the 151G (also for filter, as an optional) and the 151B for espresso.

The 151G burrs are believed to grind with more uniformity than the 151F with as well a more clean and delicate cup. On the other hand, the 151F provides a more balanced cup with higher body and a richer mouthfeel. T

his grinder is also a WCE qualified grinder which means it’s part of the World and National Competition. Just a week ago the Mazzer Zm grinder was provided for the UK Brewer’s Cup Competition.

The standard hopper capacity is about 320 grams. The grinder comes in white, black and silver colour.

Mazzer ZM Price UK

The price of the grinder starts from £2.400 up to £2.700.

Enjoy your coffee and other reviews!

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