Nuova Simonelli Mythos One grinder review

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Simonelli Mythos One Grinder
A cost effective purchase from a commercial perspective

In 2015 Nuova Simonelli, in collaboration with a team of internationally renowned baristas, developed a completely revolutionary coffee grinder that has changed the concept of grinding within the coffee industry.

The Mythos One Clima Pro, the name the manufacturer has chosen for this grinder, is a combination of design, high performance and ease of use.

It supports super-resistant 75mm burrs (steel, covered with titanium) and an innovative Clima Pro system.

The Italian grinder machine Nuova Simonelli introduces the concept of the stable temperature inside the grinding chamber. Keeping this temperature stable between 35 and 45 degrees, the Mythos One allows the barista to have a constant dose and a very uniform ground, limiting to a minimum the “clumping” phenomenon.

The display for adjusting the dose and time of the coffee grinding is very intuitive and quick at the same time; in this way, the barista can apply changes at any time of the day and always have the correct parameters of extraction.

Nuova Simonelli introduces the concept of stable temperature inside the grinding chamber

The hopper is an integral part of the coffee grinder and almost seems not to be present, moreover, it is very simple to keep it clean.

Last, certainly not least, is the distance between the milling chamber and the filter holder which, being very minimal, allows to minimize the dispersion of the ground coffee.

You can buy it in two different colours, black or white. The design of this grinder is clean and linear, surely it is well recognizable.

The price of this grinder starts from £1,900 up to £2,500.

The Upshot

The reliability in the long term is noteworthy: this italian coffe grinder machine is a really cost effective purchase from a commercial prospective. If you are tired of spending money on the  manteinance of grinder machines, this is the machine for you.

Mythos One - The Grade


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