Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder Review

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Last week I had the pleasure to test this new fantastic Wilfa Uniform coffee grinder, born from a collaboration between Wilfa and Tim Weldenboe. This is the last and second version.

wilfa uniform coffee grinder review
Wilfa uniform coffee grinder

Wilfa Uniform coffee grinder

The Uniform is an improvement of the previous version, the WIlfa Svart Grinder. It’s been designed for both home use and small business. It’s the perfect example of how much consistency really matter. I will just introduce you in a while.

It’s a long-time collaboration between Tim and the brand Wilfa in which they gave life to amazing stuff like the Wilfa Svart Precision. This new Wilfa Uniform grinder is the result of four years of hard work. His idea was clear from the very beginning. He had three key points which are: big flat burrs, an on/off button and good adjustments.

Wilfa Uniform dimensions and new features.

  • Compared to the previous model the quality of the grinding size has been improved a lot: conical burrs are being replaced by a 58mm stainless steel flat burrs which is typically better (have a look on this article when I was writing down about the difference between conical and flat burrs). These new burrs are aimed to grind uniformly for a much tastier cup with more tds in the cup compared to a conical burr (total extraction increases by 2%);
  • the time to grind the coffee is longer than the previous one (it takes about half a minute to grind enough coffee for two people) but it was made on purpose: low rpm doesn’t overheat the coffee while is being grounded preventing static charge. The basket is also made of stainless steel to help preventing static grounds going everywhere;
  • there is no need any more to buy a scale (which is good for saving money): the lid is a precision digital scale with an accuracy of 0,1 grams and it can be connected via bluetooth to the app for both systems apple and android. The app also features some brew recipes as a guideline and help us to work with the brew ratio;

Wilfa Uniform espresso settings

  • 41 adjustable grind settings from espresso to any kind of filter method: bear in mind that it’s not a stepless grinder but however, the grinder allows to play with espresso grind size (around numbers 5 and 6) and pull some nice espresso shots;
  • on/off button: it’s extremely simple as it is. There’s just a button to turn on when the coffee is ready to be ground and that’s it. The button it turns off itself when there will not be any beans in the grinding chamber. This is useful because we are not bothered by waiting until the end to stop the grinder.

Wilfa uniform filter coffee

This grinder has been designed especially for filter coffee. It has a small footprint which fits perfectly for home use. It’s a perfect example of high quality coffee grinder combining user-friendliness, consistency and aesthetic.

Should you buy a Wilfa Uniform ?

As far as I’m concerned, I fully recommend to buy one.

This is the best home use grinder so far for the consistency of the results you can get.

Mornings brews never been that easy until now.

Wilfa Uniform price

It’s a mid-range grinder and It costs 3,499 Norwegian Krone.

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