Updated February 2022

First time on the blog for a Victoria Arduino coffee machine and there’s no better way to start than reviewing the Eagle One Prima.

Just hold a moment and look at the journey that has brought the Victoria Arduino, one of the most important coffee machine manufacturing of the world.

Victoria Arduino – a bit of history

The brand gained popularity in the coffee industry for the manufacturing of the high-end coffee machine. Victoria Arduino is been producing coffee machine sine 1905. Pier Teresio Arduino started conceiving the idea of making coffee inspired by the steam engine train. At that time coffee machines were built with a vertical boiler, chrome or copper material and were able to brew several cups of coffee at the same time.

But it was first with the Mythos one grinder and then with the launch of the VA 388 Black Eagle that the Victoria Arduino started making its mark in the industry.
And it didn’t end with them: Victoria Arduino is still pushing boundaries elevating the coffee experience.

So, today, we are looking ahead to taking a look at the newest launch by the Italian company, the Eagle One Prima. It’s a new revolution for the 1 group coffee machine category, which is the reason why it has been named Prima.

Prima as the first step that moves into this market, creating a new way to think about 1 group machine, new competitions and limits to cross.

So, just the hype or the beginning of a revolution?

The Eagle One Prima is entitled to bring the coffee shop experience everywhere you want. The Eagle One Prima matches different scenarios such as pop-up, offices, startup, restaurants, coffee events and even at home.

That’s quite a challenge as any 1 group coffee machine has never meant to be suitable for different businesses other than being placed on a kitchen counter.
So, with this in mind, the team at Victoria Arduino wanted to build something unique with sustainability as the core focus.

Here’s the CEO of Simonelli Group, Fabio Ceccarani, explaining what mattered while conceiving the Eagle One Prima:

In Eagle One, we strongly committed to technology research and innovation but also to find the right product that balances aesthetically quality and functionality while satisfying the user and the consumer. The result is a complete experience; from the design to the user-friendliness of the product, we created a sustainable machine that respects the environment in terms of cost and energy efficiency.”

People are demanding more at the coffee industry as they are appreciating even more this black beverage. Everyone is lifting its coffee game at home so the need for new high-end coffee machines such as the Eagle One Prima comes at the right time.

Now, let’s get into the Eagle One Prima.

eagle one prima neo engine
Eagle One Prima – NEO Engine

Main features of the Eagle One Prima

  • NEO engine: it features an instant heating system that heats faster than any other machine. The greatest thing about this feature is that only the amount of water needed to extract your coffee is heated up. Not only this, but the boilers are insulated with a new material that limits heat dispersion and so, a stable temperature is being maintained during al the occurring process. When turned on, the Eagle One Prima just need 8 minutes to heat itself and start working at the very best condition.
  • Brew boiler: another great feature of the Eagle One Prima is the 0,14l boiler capacity. Such a lower volume of capacity makes this machine the most sustainable machine ever saving loads of energy. 1,5l water tank capacity;
  • SIS (Soft Infusion System): by modifying the pressure while extraction is in the process, the SIS can guarantee you a creamy and soft extraction every single time (bar pressure usually starts lower at 6-7 bars and goes up to 10);
  • Auto flush: after removing the portafilter from the grouphead the auto flush feature will clean the gasket for you. You can set the time of your auto flush through the setting menu;
  • 100% digital: to perform the Eagle One Prima you have everything at the tap of a phone screen. In fact, you cannot interact with the machine as just the screen of the grouphead lights up while extraction is in the process (ghost display feature), showing the time of the shot. So, through the app you can change any parameter possible: you can set the brew temperature, the steam, the hot water, the amount of water that is going to wet your puck and extracting it, the performance of the machines and the energy-saving mode.
    You can actually make a recipe and save it to replicate the same extraction (the recipe can also be shared to the community, asking for suggestions or simply sharing your thoughts);
  • Steam by wire: very responsive ergonomic levers for greater dry steam. The pressure can be set up to 2,5 bar for an elevated power/speed ratio. It takes less than 16 seconds to make two cappuccinos.
  • Easy cream cool touch steam wand: an outstanding feature to make the best foam possible (optional, not a standard feature). Density and temperature can be both set by the barista. Steam your milk has never before according to your preferences.

The Eagles One Prima comes in steel, black and white colour. But you may want to personalise it with special colours such as light blue, red and green.

The Eagles One Prima coffee machine is for sale at £4,200.

Now that you get your Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima you may want to make the last step to get the best out from the machine. A great coffee grinder should fit next to your Eagle One Prima to elevate even more your game.

Simonelli Mythos One Grinder
Mythos One – a really cost effective purchase from a commercial prospective

Pro Tip

As far as I’m concerned, I suggest you to combine this machine with the Mythos one grinder, my favourite coffee grinder ever. Consistency, uniformity of coffee grounds and simplicity to use, make the Mythos one the best coffee grinder of the world.

In my opinion, there’s no competition at the moment. Others grinders are far behind this gem.

Last consideration

We all should drink better quality coffee as we do with wine or beer for example. But even more within the coffee industry: paying for the right value means to pay a fairer price to help all the coffee supply chain be sustainable.

In the next following decades, the speciality coffee sector will skyrocket thanks to the new generations who will contribute to making a larger and more connected coffee community.

coffeextraction logo monogram
coffeextraction logo monogram



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