The Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T Review

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Update February 2022

Today, we are looking at the Delonghi Dinamic Plus ECAM370.95.T the latest of its class. I guess you’re quite familiar with the brand but let me introduce them in case you’re not aware of.

Delonghi: A Bit Of History

Delonghi has been making small appliances for home use since 1974 that range from kitchen appliances, homecare, air conditioning and, of course, coffee makers. Their mission is to improve your everyday experience with easy to use appliances.

They soon became a must follow brand as regards coffee machine for home use (I’m not familiar with the rest of their range) as they are now one of the world leaders in producing automatic brewer.

It’s then the right time to introduce you the Delonghi Dinamic Plus ECAM370.95.T, the latest fully automatic coffee machine of their range.


The Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T Review

The Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T delivers good coffee at the touch of a button. A wide offer of different types of coffee includes espresso, coffee/long coffee, doppio and coffee pot.

Then, thanks to the latte crema system, you can get several types of milky beverages including macchiato, cappuccino, caffelatte, latte macchiato, hot milk and flat white.

Let’s see what we can do with the Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T

Main Features Of The Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T

  • Beans container: at the top of the machine you can remove the lid and add up to 300g of fresh coffee beans or some instant coffee if you like. There is also a grind adjustment dial to adjust your grind size according to how fine you want your coffee beans to be ground;
  • Milk container: a froth adjustment make sure you can choose how frothy you want your milk to be. Once is done, a froth milk spout delivers your milk to the cup;
  • Water tank: on the side, you have the water tank with the water softener filter to filter out your water. A drip tray water level indicator will tell you if you’re running low of water;
  • Cup shelf: you can leave your cup on top of the Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T to drain over the cup shelf ready to be used for the next time;
  • Hot water connection: at the front of the machine you can connect your hot water spout if you need to make americano coffee or to brew some tea. On the same place, you can place your milk container in case you are going to make a milky beverage.
  • Coffee spout: according to the size of your cup, you can adjust the coffee spout;
  • Auto-clean option: once you finish brewing your coffee the Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T advises you to clean the milk froth by simply turning the milk froth dial to clean position. Also, descaling, cleaning and rinsing program is featured in the machine and an alarm will tell you to do it when need it;
  • 3.3-inch touchscreen monitor: from the touch, you can manage all the settings such as selecting the beverages, the water temperature, the liquid in your cup and much more;
  • Making a recipe: by tapping on the touchscreen you can select from one of the coffee drinks available or you can make your own one. And here’s the fun: you can adjust the strength of your coffee by choosing how long or short you want your coffee to be, select how flavoursome you want it, you can change the brew temperature of the water. But also, you can connect via Bluetooth and make your coffee from your phone which is damn cool,
  • Easy to clean: all the parts are easy to remove and so to clean.

Who Is it Designed For?

The Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T matches perfectly with lazy people that want your coffee to taste the same at the touch of the button.

It can be a valid option also for small offices where there’s no time or particular needs other than a caffeine kick to continue their day.
Overall, you can have fun with this machine as there’s a lot to play with it. Also, you can get out some good fresh coffee thanks to the conical burrs featured.

I would not say that you can make excellent speciality coffee with it but for sure it does the job.

You can make good coffee if you want though by making your recipe and then save it so you can replicate what tasted good to you.

Here are a few simple steps to achieve a good result:

  • Dose your coffee beans and weight out how much liquid you get into the cup: only by writing down some recipes you can then compare them and make something that tastes good;
  • Use filtered water (never tap water): I wouldn’t suggest you use their filtering system. Some good water is more than enough;
  • Steam your milk directly: I wouldn’t blame at the frother of this machine but if you want to lift the game a bit, use a french press to froth your milk or use a little milk frother. The result will be much much better;
  • Adjust the brew temperature: start brewing at 93° C (with light roast coffee profile) for an optimal brew temperature. Check with a thermometer if it’s really what you’re getting out as brewing with the right temperature is key.

The Delonghi Dinamic Plus Ecam370.95.T comes in black and is for sale from £850.

I hope you enjoyed this review. It would be great to hear your comments on what you think about this machine.

I would like to answer your doubts in case you are wondering to get one.


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