La Cimbali M100 professional espresso coffee machine review

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Today, I’m going to write down about La Cimbali M100 by La Cimbali, one of the world leader coffee brands, famous for manufacturing commercial espresso machines.

About La Cimbali

La Cimbali started to produce coffee machines in 1930, developing the only one vertical boiler where the heating system was a coal heating or a wood one. In the 1950s, it started to produce a lever machine and the latter was powered by electricity.

In 1955 It then patented a new hydraulic group in place of the manual pressure that the barista was making with the lever machine. This new system allows to reach automatically the 9 bars of pressure that we all know and still utilize in these years with a good consistency.

So today, I’m writing about the Italian commercial espresso machine La Cimbali M100 that was made to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the company

La Cimbali M100 espresso machine

la cimbali m100 control panel
la cimbali m100 control panel

La Cimbali M100 made its debut in 2012. It’s the evolution of the M39 series with independent boilers and an upgraded function to steam the milk. This machine brings several features such as:

  • The touchscreen display: there’s a display over every grouphead with four different settings that can be personalized; the shots can be run both manually or by volumetric setting;
  • The setting display: more to the right there’s the setting display in which we can play around. It features different icons like the boiler water level, the pressure of the boiler and two personalised icons that allow us to set two different doses of the boiler water. Then, there’s the setting icon.
  • The setting icon: on the setting icon we can play with the dose of the extractions,
  • The dose function: we can program the dose with the volumetric (the amount of water that we want in the cup) by modifying the amount of the water pulses. “we can choose between single or double shots and we can also modify the amount of the water. Another programming option is about the pression profiles: we can play with the pre-infusion, the “central” part of the extraction and the “final” part one in where we can change the time of the pressure but also a certain amount of pressure (up to 12 bars).
    I always recommend to experiment with different pressure profiles but I highly recommend to always make a long pre-infusion (starting from 4-5 seconds); this allows to completely wet all the particles of the coffee puck, minimise the channelling phenomenon and it also helps minimise the fine migration phenomenon.
  • A patented milk steamer: Cimbali patented the cold touch Turbosteam Milk4 wand which allows setting 4 different milk temperatures and textures.
  • The boiler temperature: we can change the temperature of the boiler of every single group, according to what we want to achieve. Having the possibility to set two different temperatures to allow us to use different coffees, for example, we can keep one group for an espresso-based drink and one for milk-based one such as cappuccino.
  • A cleaning function: there’s a backflush function in which we can decide whether to clean both groups (or three) or to clean them one by one.

The steam boiler has a capacity of 10 litres and 0,4 litre of capacity for every single boiler.

The machine comes in 2 or 3 groups and three colours: we can choose between a steel and polished aluminium one, a steel and matt black one or a steel and glossy white one.

La Cimbali M100 espresso machine price

The machine is for sale from £16,000 up to £24,000.

Bottom Line

La Cimbali M100 is an elegant, eye-catching machine that combines technology, efficiency and easy-to-use. It’s a machine for anyone that wants to experiment with all things coffee: from the pressure profiles to the different milk setting.

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