Dalla Corte DC PRO espresso coffee machine review

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My review of Dalla Corte DC PRO espresso coffee machine

A bit of history of Dalla Corte

Multi boiler concept is now existing in every machine but we can’t forget to mention the company that first introduced this feature, which is Dalla Corte.

This Italian company was founded by Paolo Dalla Corte, his father Bruno and his sister Elsa in 2001. So, back to the system the idea was by having independent boilers we can control the temperature in both groups and steamer(s).

Basically, by maintaining a constant temperature we keep consistency in both extraction and steaming. At that time this was a real revolution that will be improved year by year until nowadays. But there’s much more about this company: Dalla Corte is the place where technology, innovation, efficiency, and ethics meet.

Let’s now talk about its characteristic.

Dalla corte dc pro 2 group

Main features of Dalla Corte DC Pro

  • multi boiler system: this is not to be confused with the usual separated boiler feature. In this case we are talking about independent brewing groups and independent boiler for the steamer; this was a truly revolutionary concept that was never seen it before which allows us to play with the groups, setting different temperatures for each group, setting different recipes and also saving energy by turning off the groups we don’t need according to the volume of work (when a group is been switched off, it can go back and use to its full capacity in less than 10 minutes). This system provides the best consistency ever designed on a machine in term of stable temperature and repeatable with an accuracy of 0,1 degrees shot by shot even on peak time;
  • GCS, OCS, and MCS DC system technologies. GCS (grinder control system) keep all the time the ideal grinding size: the espresso machine can be connected to the DC one grinder that is able to set itself by changing grinding size when occurring;
  • OCS technology (online control system): a software allows us to control all the data by remote just with an internet connection;
  •  MCS (milk control system) assures a constant milk foam with a powerful pressure and a 3-hole tip steam wand;
  • automatic back flush system. Cleaning shower screen and groups are necessary to prevent any coffee oils through the cup, leading to bitterness. Cleaning groups and baskets are necessary and it has to be done every day;
  • ergonomic handles and accurate knobs;
  • unique design and innovative line with high quality and resistant materials: every exposed part of the machine have been certified by NSF as lead-free and are completely recyclable (any part do not release any dangerous substances in contact with water).

Dalla corte dc pro 2 – 3 Groups

This machine is available in 2 or 3 groups and in different colours like alu black, alu white, dynamic white, industrial titanium, total white and total black.

Dalla corte dc pro price

The price of the Dalla Corte DC Pro coffee machine starts from 12.000 euro.

So, this machine has a great value if you are looking for an elegant and intuitive machine able to deliver consistency through repeatability even in a fast-paced environment. It’s also deliver one of the best quality foam I have ever tried so far (it is maybe the best one in the world).

Link to Dalla Corte DC Pro Coffee Machine

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