Faema E71 Italian Commercial Coffee Machine Review

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(Updated 2022 January the 17th)

the Faema E71 model (designed by Giugiaro), is a mix of new variations and traditional innovations

When we write about Faema we cannot fail to mention that it has been the first Italian company that introduced significant innovations in the world of Italian commercial espresso machines, still used in most of the coffee machine competitors.


Faema E71 review

Faema had its greatest success with the E61 model, introducing the concept of atmospheric pressure thanks to a volumetric pump, delivering water at a given pressure, allowing the best possible extraction of the water-soluble parts of ground coffee.

Today I write up about its natural evolution: the Faema E71 model (designed by Giugiaro), a mix of new variations and traditional innovations. The Faema E71 has launched by Mulmar and Faema in late 2016 and it was presented in April 2016 as a prototype at The London Coffee Festival. Just before going into details, I want to talk a little bit more about Mulmar.

About Mulmar

Mulmar has quite a history as it’s been opening for more than 25 years. Just last year there has been the 25th anniversary and who was there can confirm that it was a blast. The celebrations were made at the London Coffee Festival from the 2nd to the 5th of April and it was also the occasion to see the new Faema E71e as it has been the competition machine of the Coffee Master 2019.Founded in 1989 by Agostino Luggeri and Enzo Frangiamore, the company was initially specialised in the ice cream business.

Just a few years later, it was the first importer of the La Marzocco coffee machines and La Cimbali one. Also, as time goes by, it then changed plans and become the distributor for Faema brand, Mazzer grinders and it also developed its brand called Grigia.

Lately, it has also become the Petroncini distributor, an iconic Italian brand well-known for developing roasting coffee plants and roasters.Mulmar offers a full range of service in the UK and Ireland, from the maintenance of coffee machine and grinders, to counter solutions for restaurants and coffee shops and coffee customised machines. Mulmar is a SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) member since 2001, year in which the Association was born in the UK.

This has allowed the company to build its strong reputation in the coffee competitions, as Mulmar its been providing Faema coffee machines and Mazzer grinders to the UK BARISTA and BREWERS CUP competition. Lastly, Mulmar is also part of many projects such as the Project Waterfall and the Allegra World Coffee Portal.

Main Features and specs of Faema E71

There are many new features in this model;

  • first of all the possibility for the barista to work with each group both in a manual mode and in touchscreen mode;
  • the manual lever allows the barista to control the pre-infusion and coffee extraction phase as he likes,
  • the touchscreen mode allows to preset the desired extraction parameters and works to the fullest potential even in moments that require a faster speed of service.
The Faema e71: the touchscreen mode allows to preset the desired extraction parameters

Thanks to the GTI thermal system, each group works independently, setting the temperature and duration of each extraction!
The Smart Boiler improves the thermal stability of each water heater while maintaining high standards even at peak times.

In the Faema E71 the handle of the filter holder has been lengthened and redesigned in an ergonomic key and a new “cold touch” steam wand with insulating material has been introduced, to avoid burns and make cleaning easier after the milk has been purged; a “purge” function has also been added to eliminate the residuals of the previous extraction.

The cup preheating is wider and the work area has been lit with LED light. The side and back panels can be removed and customized as desired.

Another new feature of the Faema E71 is its ability to connect via wi-fi saving the logging in data in any devices. The machine can also connect directly via Bluetooth to the grinder, monitoring the grinding process in real-time.

The Faema E71 coffee machine: 2 or 3 groups

This Italian commercial coffee machine is available in two or three groups; the capacity of the main boiler is 7 litres while the capacity for each boiler is 0.6 litres.
In this model is also provided with the ECO mode which can save up 40% of energy compared to the standard version.

In conclusion, this commercial machine has been designed for today’s barista, for the coffee professional that wants to experiment and keep up with the so-called “third wave of coffee”.

Have fun playing with the concept of “blooming” and “pre-infusion” while admiring its iconic grouphead and its beautiful design and you will not regret it!

Faema E71 price UK

The Faema E71 model is available in black and white: the Faema E71 two groups one is for sale from £9,000 and the three groups one is for sale from £11,000.

The Upshot

Faema e71 is perfect for the today’s barista and for the coffee specialist who wants to experiment and keep up with the so-called “third wave of coffee“.

Faema E71 – The Grade

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General Features

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  1. I like the improved safety features and having the ability to manually control the pre-infusion and extraction phase. Sounds like the Faema E71 allows for a fully customizable experience and would be a good choice for a business with a passionate and experienced staff.

    How much time can be saved by using the touchscreen features?

    • The coffee industry is evolving quickly. Nowadays except in rare cases (like the Kees van der Westen ones), all the espresso machines allow setting different recipes with the use of the touchscreen panel. This enables to save lots of time as you don’t brew manually anymore (we used to brew and stop manually every single shot).

  2. I feel like improving the safety features was a wise choice – ways we can prevent hot coffee accidents are good things!


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