La Marzocco KB90 espresso coffee machine review

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The coffee scene is evolving quickly. Are we still in the third wave or are we enter already the fourth one? Now there’s another reason why we truly need to look at it and that’s the new toy by La Marzocco. On February the 1st the company announced a new coffee machine called LA Marzocco KB90, the ultimate version of the Linea PB.

KB stands for Kent Bakke, the former La Marzocco International CEO and currently the Chairman of the Board, and 90 as the ninety anniversary of this company.

la marzocco kb90
La Marzocco KB90 is aimed to be the best ergonomic coffee machine ever

So, what’s new with La Marzocco KB90?

La Marzocco KB90 is aimed to be the best ergonomic coffee machine ever. Here’s the main features:

  • straight-in portafilter: this new system doesn’t require anymore wrist, elbow or shoulder action since that we just need to lock onto the grouphead without any twist, improving time of execution and lowering the risk of wrist injury. And the same to release, we just need to push the button down to release the handle. We can now use both, right and left hand. The straight-in portafilter has been proven to reduce the strain by 12 times compared to the standard one;
  • steam flushing: the idea with the steam flush (water and steam) was by releasing steam back into the portafilter area and into the shower we can lose and remove far more particles and any lingering condensation from the previous coffee puck. This results in much more cleanliness while working.
  • drip prediction technology: technicians ran every possible extraction according to several different variables such as all the different origins, roast profiles, varietals, blends, right or wrong weight of coffee dose, all the different recipes and so on. All of these informations have been put together to create an algorithm that can predict every single extraction. A device call flow meter, which is been using in all of the volumetric machines, is now used to govern and entertain and analysed the speed of what is our extraction’s taking place. So, for example if we put less dose than the recipe we previously set, the device recognises that by shorter the yield in the cup, giving us the same ratio we set. This technology has been using for a year as well in the Modbar AV.
  • steam system: the steam is finally cold touch and the steam system has been upgraded: the technicians don’t need any more to remove the steam valve in case of maintenance but it’s now all be done through the front by removing the steam knob. Easy peasy.

All these new features are being made to target high volume cafès by improving work flow with faster execution and ergonomics.

The machine maintains the interface of the Linea PB and is available in 2 or 3 groups. It comes with the red panel (it can be customised with an additional charge, tough); the shape in inspired by the style of the 70s-era automotive and it also represent the shape of the shield of the La Marzocco Lion.

Price will soon be available.

We are going to hear more people talking about the fourth wave soon or maybe we are already get inside…..



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