The Modbar AV ABR espresso coffee machine review

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Not so long time ago I wrote down something about La Marzocco, one of the world most famous company of high-end espresso machines that every coffee lover knows.

Today it’s the turn of the Modbar AV ABR or Automatic Volumetric Auto Brew Ratio.

I’m not sure if we can consider this machine like a precursor of the Fourth Coffee Wave or not (you can check, however, this article of last week, but we can easily say that it will get soon a big part in the coffee industry.

Modbar coffee machine La Marzocco

Modbar AV ABR
Modbar AV ABR

Modbar was founded in Fort Wayne in 2012. Here’s a little explanation about how all this started from Lin and Lena team members:

“Modbar was created by two bandmates in Fort Wayne, Indiana: Corey Waldron and Aric Forbing. The idea started percolating in Corey’s mind in the early 2000s while he was working as a barista and roaster — he wondered why he had to have a big bulky machine on the counter getting in the way of his conversations with customers.

He imagined there must be a way to move most of the machine under the counter and leave only the coffee service above. Corey turned to his friend Aric, an industrial designer, to bring the concept to life. Early on, the pair found support from La Marzocco and brought the first modular, undercounter espresso machine to the market in 2013.”

The first model was revealed on the 11st April of 2013 at SCAA’s (Specialty Coffee Association of America) expo and the second and last one was revealed at the SCA expo on April of 2018 in Seattle.

Main features of the Modbar AV coffee machine

The Modbar AV ABR is basically a “re-designed” of the Linea PB, or better, a Linea PB with new features and features that has been improved a lot.
In the last model of the Modbar AV ABR the thermal stability has been improved reaching its highest consistency ever had thanks to an insulated tube in which there is a heating coil in where water passes through allowing to control and put exactly the right temperature that is going to wet the coffee.

Here’s what he said La Marzocco Product Manager Scott Guglielmino about thermal stability:

“We’re able to control the temperature extraordinarily well. We inject heat as we pass the water over this big surface area that the water contacts that’s stainless steel, and that lets us have the exact same temperature stability as a Linea PB.”

Modbar setup

Regarding the new feature, Modbar added a special one called “drip-prediction”. This is an astonishing feature that maps out the curve profile of the extraction and just after 10 seconds the machine already known how the extraction is going to be. So, for example, if our recipe it’s wrong (we put a different dose than expected) the machine automatically modifies the shot according to the brew ratio we need (the machine is giving us a beverage with the brew ratio we previously set, no matter the dose we put).

And again, here’s Scott Guglielmino about the drip-prediction:

“Now, by second 10 or 12, I can tell you exactly how much volume and weight you’re going to have for the rest of your shot. By doing that, we don’t need to put the scales up there. We don’t need to have one more thing for a barista to be looking at.”

And last but not least, this machine brought a revolutionary coffee experience that change the way we approach with customers; now it’s easier to explain our routine behind a the bar of a busy coffee shop and create a better interaction with them.

Modbar price UK

Mod bar coffee machine single group

Single Group Espresso Machine

£6,996.00 ( circa)

Enjoying this aesthetics, elegant, and minimal espresso machine and the cleaning part as well: it has never been so easy like now 🙂

How to make an espresso with Modbar

This is how to make an espresso with Modbar, A video is better than a thousand words.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

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