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Best Coffee Places in London

The best coffee places, roasters and shops in and around London

I spent 7 months working in a coffee reality in Shoreditch and i spend the rest of my free time trying coffee places in London. I love the atmosphere  this city offers you. London has become the most important centre for the coffee lovers. Here yo can find so many speciality coffees, independent roasters, different extraction process and approach. I have been visiting over 50 different coffee places and i was also invited to the London coffee festival which was amazing. Every week i will keep looking for new coffee shops and updates this blog regularly

Best coffee shops in Central London

best coffee shops in central london

For obvious reasons, Central London is the busiest area of the city. Businessmen, workers and tourists roam daily in its streets, offices and museums. For their breaks they rely on coffee shops, which are numerous and of good quality. Here’s my list of the best coffee shops in Central London Workshop Coffee (Marylebone branch) Tucked away from one of the most chaotic street of London, there’s Marylebone Coffeebar. Workshop coffee is my favourite coffee chain as regards quality in relation to the quantity of the current coffee shops open. The more … Read more

The best coffee shops in Shoreditch

best coffee shops in shoreditch

East London is not only famous for graffiti but also for a vibrant coffee scene. My list of the best coffee shops in Shoreditch area 1 – Origin coffee shop Located right in the heart of Shoreditch, there’s the first flagship of Origin Coffee Roasters, a leading UK (Cornish) coffee roaster. The coffee shop is situated in Charlotte Road, a hectic touristic area. The cafè mainly works on weekdays with the offices situated around there and mostly with tourist on the weekend. The company is well-known for being one of … Read more

Climpson’s and Sons Café – My Review

climpson's and sons london

In the East of London, far enough from the buzz of the city but still in zone 2, there is a magical area called Broadway Market. Located in the heart of Borough of Hackney between Regent’s Canal and London Fields, Broadway Market is a shopping street full of artisan shops, restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. Really close to the park there is Climpson’s Café, a specialty coffee of the Climpson’s and Sons company. This is the first shop that has been opened since the early 2000s by Ian Burgess, the … Read more

Press Coffee Roasters Shop – My Review

press coffee roasters review

Press Coffee Roasters Today we are in Press, a specialty coffee shop. A company that was founded in 2013 and slowly growing into four shops in various locations in London. We are reviewing today the third shop in the chain, which is situated in St Paul’s, between Farringdon Road and Fleet Street in a quiet magical spot hidden away from the buzz of the city. The Shop As soon as you enter the shop the cosy atmosphere and the wonderful smell of specialty coffee draws you deeper into Press’s coffee … Read more