20 best spots for a Coffee Date in London

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Update January 2022

Going for a coffee date is very popular in London, It’s the first choice for a couple. If you do not want to fail on your first date you should continue reading below. Do not worry, I’ll get you covered with the best spots for a coffee date in London so that you cannot miss your chance to impress her/his with a stunning location and coffee too.

I made sure to list some of the best spots which guarantee quality coffee as there are plenty of coffee lovers in the city. Therefore the coffee shops below have been selected giving coffee and location the same importance.

As you follow my blog, you certainly love coffee, you should step over into the following coffee shops for a coffee date in London (read more about the history of coffee shops in london).

Best spots for a coffee date in London

1 – Caravan, Kings Cross

Located in a marvellous location which is Granary Square, the Caravan branch was the first restaurant that opens in the area which is situated behind King’s Cross/ St Pancras Station.
The shop has been designed to maintain the history of the building: a grade II listed Victorian Grains Store. The restaurant combined excellent food and great coffee roasted by themselves.
An outdoor terrace that overlooks the square, makes this branch one of the best choice to hang for a coffee date.

2 – Kaffeine, Fitzrovia

A well-known coffee shops stand out at 66 Great Titchfield Street. Living the bustling of the area, Kaffeine serves great pastries along with one of the best speciality coffee in the city. Inspired by the Australian coffee culture, this place is highly recommended by many for a coffee date, especially if you sit at the tiny and cosy area at the back of the shop. The shop is designed with a beautiful wood interior and offers amazing coffee and other fresh food. A great choice for a coffee date in London, just 5 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road or Oxford Circus.

3 – Picturehouse Central

Picturehouse Central is the best stylish cinema oozing 50s movie star glamour located in the heart of London’s West Hand, a few steps from Leicester Square. Perfect for a coffee date on the ground floor with a wide selection of drinks and food. Make sure to try their cakes, especially get your hands on that pistachio, apricot and green tea treat. Swing by for a different coffee date and make a great impression on your first date.

coffee date in london
Best spots for a coffee date in London

4 – Flotsam and Jetsam, Wandsworth Common

Immersed in the green of Wandsworth Common, South London, Flotsam and Jetsam is a valid alternative to the city. An Antipodean-style coffee shop, serving great coffees from Allpress, all-day brunch and delicious pastries and cakes.
As tiny as cosy, the shop is perfect for a coffee date and a walk to enjoy the surrounding area.

5 – The Canvas Café Spitalfields

The canvas café is one of the best 100% vegan option in the city. The shop chose to become vegan in 2018 to make a positive social action. They are serving great coffee from Square Mile Coffee Roasters along with Good and Proper Tea. It’s a great place to bring someone for a coffee date in London, especially if you head downstairs on what they called “the Creative Venue”, a place well isolated from the noise. Also, the surrounding area worth a visit with lots of things to see such as streets full of graffitis, Brick Lane Market and Spitalfields Market.

6 – Stir Coffee, Brixton

A few minutes from Brockwell Park, there’s Stir Coffee. The guys make sure you will never get tired, showcasing some of the best coffee beans of the world (and by changing the menu pretty often). To name a few: Outpost Coffee, Perception Coffee Roasters, Colonna Coffee, Morgon Coffee Roaster, II Common, Bonanza Coffee and many more.

7 – Map Café

Map Café is located close to Kentish Town, North London. The shop opened in the 1990s as a clothing brand, a recording place and record label. In the following years, it then developed a great space also for coffee and events, hosting big names including Rihanna, the Green Party and Sky TV.
If you want to impress her/him on your first coffee date with great music and gourmet coffee, then you should consider this place. Also, fresh homemade food and delicious cakes to complement.

8 – Belle Epoque Patisserie

Up for a coffee date in London but also a pastry lover? In Newington Green, you’ll get cover by the guys of Belle Epoque. The menu features bespoke cakes, traditional French bread, quiches, viennesoires, several different macaroons and much more.
You can make a stop at the shop and feel like being in Parisian café for a sweet treat along with great coffee. Not to mention the location, an oasis immersed in the green just out of the city hubbub.

9 – Fig Tree

Fig Tree offers good coffee and healthy food such as outstanding salads in a hippie and relaxing atmosphere. The lunch menu comprehends also some vegan options, Do not miss a chance to try their carrot cake.

In addition to that, they have a beautiful garden area at the back full of potted plants. A great space for a coffee date in London.

10 – Bar Termini

Highly recommended, the Bar Termini offers a sensational experience whether you pop in by day or by night.

The café is designed like an old Italian railway station bar, giving a whole experience of the old and modern style under the same roof. Keep her/him until late afternoon and your coffee date will be a win. At the counter, ask for their Negroni, one of the best in the city.

11 – Ozone Coffee Roasters

The café is located at 11 Leonard Street, London EC2AQ, and offers some of the best food I ever tried in a coffee shop. Also, the open kitchen is a plus as looking at the chefs while you are waiting to be served is great. Not to mention, the smell of the coffee that comes just from downstairs add a magic touch during your stay.
Last but not least, two options on the hopper and a good selection of filter coffee make this place well worth a visit. One of the best place that I can recommend for a coffee date.

12 – Look, Mum No Hands!

On the busy Old Street, there’s an extravagant coffee shop. Opened by three guys obsessed by the two wheels, the shop is perfect to any bike lovers that want to have a little break while watching regular races on their screens, buying some cycling apparel or maybe get a coffee while waiting for your bicycle to be repaired at their repair shop which is still operating since the very beginning.

It’s just not only for the two wheels lovers though as their coffee, food and drinks are also quality focused. For instance, their coffee beans come from Square Mile, the best East London coffee roasters (one of my top favourite one). In addition to that, the café also offers fresh food and artisanal craft beer. Another ideal coffee shop for a coffee date in London.

london coffee shops for successfuldating
Best spots for coffee date in London…my list

13 – Hoxton Hotel

Being served in a hotel is something I truly enjoyed. That’s maybe because it’s a different experience compared to a coffee shop or perhaps because I feel more comfortable than a high volume cafè.
Anyway, the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch may be the right choice for a coffee date whether it’s just for a quick coffee or a classic breakfast.

Coffee comes from Grind to ensure the greatest experience possible.
If you are looking for an intimate date with your partner, then you should step over there.

14 – The Parlour at Fortnum & Mason

In between Green Park Station and Piccadilly Circus Station, the Parlour at Fortnum & Mason has made its mark since the very beginning (the shop is been opening for over 300 years). The store has been defined by many as a circus icon for any kind of customers, from the local, the tourist one and for the occasional that want to experience a unique coffee date. The interior and the exterior design of the building are classy and therefore attracting more customers. In the store, there’s everything you need to satisfy yourself and your partner.

On the first floor at the Parlour you can have a sweet treat with cakes, one of the famous ice cream of the city and of course, tasty coffee – try their homemade scones or their decadent ice creams. If that’s not enough, reach the four-floor for an afternoon tea in their Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon for an authentic tea experience with some of their small-batch rare teas.

The wider menu also includes delicious hot chocolate from South America.
Highly recommended for a coffee date in London.

15 – Notes Kings Cross

In the beautiful location of Pancras Square, Notes Coffee serves their customer with speciality coffee roasted by themselves in East London, all-day brunch, healthy granola bowls and fruit, waffles with dulce de leche and classic sourdough toast with free-range eggs.
Your coffee date will be a win, whether you decide to sit in or in their lovely outdoor seating. Have a look at their coffee menu as different single-origin are served both for espresso and filter. Not to mention, you’re a few steps from the beautiful Coal Drops Yard.

16 – Craving Coffee, Tottenham

If you’re in the South Tottenham area, then there’s craving coffee shop waiting for you. Though it’s not that easy to reach (the shop resides in a refurbished industrial unit), it’s well worth a visit. They serve speciality coffee from Climpson and Sons pulled out on a beautiful Synesso coffee machine, craft beers, tea and seasonal organic food, ensuring you get the best experience every single time. The selection of food and coffee makes this place a must-see.

17 – Vagabond N7, Highway

Vagabond N7 is the best coffee shop in the area. They carefully roast their coffee beans and serve an amazing brunch. The classic and simple wooden design looks beautiful as soon as you walk in.
But there’s a hidden gem at the back, where relaxing and taste great coffees and food. Try the buddha burger or the Vagabond breakfast, as classic as delicious.
Definitely another good spot for a coffee date in London.

18 – Esters

On the quietest area ever is located one of the best spots in London. Esters is located at 55 Kynaston Road, close to Newington Green and surrounded by the green of the two parks that are a few steps away.
One of the top places to bring somebody for a coffee date in London, Esters offers one of the best brunches I ever had with locally sourced food and wonderful coffee from Has Bean and some outstanding coffee roasters worldwide.

19 – London Bridge Grind

Not the classic coffee shop but an all-day restaurant/cocktail bar in one of the most touristic areas of London. The shop is located just over Borough Market on the riverside. Recently, a new huge dining room has been added to increase even more the offer of the shop. Meet over there for a coffee date and taste some delicious coffee roasted by themselves. To round off well, head south to Borough Market and stroll around the local market.

20 – Toconoco

Toconoco cafè, the last one of the list but perhaps the best one for a coffee date in London.
A Japanese spot on Regent’s Canal close to Haggerston, a pure gem I used to visit pretty often last year. Toconoco is a place where to relax, eat amazing, healthy Japanese food, homemade cakes, speciality coffee and a selection of Japanese teas.
Try the cold udon noodle paired by one of their finest teas and finish up with a speciality flat white and cappuccino served on their homemade ceramics cup.
Not to mention, by walking to the east by the canal you reach Broadway Market and the beautiful London Fields Park.

Final Thought

Dating your partner in a coffee shop is pretty common in London and so it deserves a great place to make your date the best possible.
Here’s above I made up a list of various coffee shops located around the city, luckily there are many more than those I selected and so I will update them pretty often.
Have you ever been to any of those? Let me know what you think or what you would like to add.

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