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Coffee Producers and Manufacturers

& Manufacturers

In this section of the blog i will write about the best coffee producing countries and manufactures around the world.

Each country has got different typologies and methods to grow their beans and cherries: different areas of coffee production mean different altitudes, resistance to diseases, different growing methodologies and taste.

My blog-posts will try to explain the main differences and peculiarities of these amazing coffee producing countries, hoping that one day i will visit each one of them.

The coffee leaf rust

coffee leaf rust

Coffee rust, Roja in Spanish or simply called coffee leaf rust, it’s a (fungus) coffee disease (native to Africa) that is hurting almost the whole coffee-producing countries. The pathogenic agent of the coffee rust is a fungus called Hemileia vastatrix … Read more

Coffee Producing Countries – Uganda


(Updated 2019 September the 27th) I’m starting today with this post about Uganda my blog section about coffee producers and manufacturers around the world. Uganda has been known firstly for the production of Robusta: around the year of 1860, the country could already boast … Read more