10 outstanding Christmas coffee gifts ideas

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And there we are. We are getting closer to Christmas, the strangest ever. But this does not mean that we have lost the sense of Christmas. Gift-giving time is coming so better plan ahead your Christmas coffee gifts before running out of time.

Here’s below 8 outstanding Christmas coffee gifts ideas for your coffee lovers.

Christmas coffee gifts - slurp christmas subscriptions1 – SLURP Original/Rare coffee subscription

Coffee subscription has never been so popular. So, why do not choose from the best of the best?
SLURP has a wide range of coffee subscription, making the perfect coffee Christmas gift for any coffee lovers.
We suggest the original subscription or the rare one. The original comes with coffee roasted from the best Finnish roasteries. According to your taste, you can choose between light, medium or dark roast profile for whatever brewing method you prefer including filter coffee, french press, Moka pot, espresso machine and many more. Get your coffee lover covered every 2-4 weeks with 200/1000 g of whole/ground coffee bean.
Then, there’s the Slurp rare, one of the rarest coffee subscription ever. Get ready to drink rare, competition coffee from experimental processing methods. Roasted in Stockholm, the coffee subscription includes 100 g of micro-lots coffee delivered every 4 weeks.
Hurry up to grab one as just a bunch of people each month are lucky enough to get it due to the limited amount available.
Definitely one of the best coffee Christmas gift ideas for coffee lovers.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://www.slurp.coffee/en/subscribe/

christmas coffe gifts origami dripper2 – Origami dripper

It became so famous thanks to the winning World Barista Champion at the World Brewer’s Cup 2019. The Origami dripper gives a versatile way of brewing filter coffee.
Handmade in Japan, it has been designed to deliver the best blooming/dripping time possible.
The Mino porcelain origami dripper has shown high thermal conductivity, making it perfectly suitable for brewing outstanding coffees.
Not to mention its versatility: it fits both the V60 paper filter and the Kalita filter one.
Choose between several different colours and do not forget to purchase a wooden holder that does not come with the dripper.
That’s a classic Christmas coffee gift that will never disappoint your coffee lover.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://kurasu.kyoto/products/origami-dripper-m

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christmas coffee gifts - Gabi Master B water dripper3 – Gabi Master B water dripper

Especially if you’re a the very early stage of your coffee journey, your brews are inconsistent whether you’re brewing at home or the coffee shop.
The Gabi Master B comes to help you achieve consistency brew after brew. The goal of this device is to replicate the same recipe every time, minimising agitation by pouring at the same distance from the coffee bed at the same flow rate each time.
A great tool to gift to a coffee enthusiast.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://wb.coffee/product/glowbeans-the-gabi-master-b-coffee-dripper/

Christmas coffee gifts - Kettle Stagg EKG4 – Kettle Stagg EKG

The dreaming Kettle for anyone that wants to brew with cutting edge tool.
Minimalistic design, heat control, user-friendly and ergonomic are the main features of this kettle.
Less important features but still great ones, the little noise it makes when warming up and the 0.9-litre capacity, enough to brew 6 cups of coffee.
Choose this kettle for a timeless coffee Christmas gift.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://fellowproducts.com/products/staggekg

Christmas coffee gifts - Moccamaster KBG5 – Moccamaster KBG

Your easiest and tastiest way to enjoy your afternoon coffee at home. The Moccaamaster is the perfect investment for any coffee lovers that enjoy filter coffee at the coffee shop, especially for the batch brew lovers.
Handmade in the Netherlands since 1964, the Moccamaster KBG is here to bring the coffee shop experience at home.
Easily brews up to 10 cups of coffee in 6 minutes.
Get this automatic coffee machine along with 5 years of warranty (10 years guarantee if you register as an owner of the brewer).
SEE RELATED HERE: https://www.moccamaster.eu/webshop/brewers_with_uk_plug/

Christmas coffee gift - Atmos Vacuum Canister6 – Atmos Vacuum Canister

Speciality coffee beans can be consumed within 3 months from the roasting date. But it does need to be preserved in the right way to be enjoyed.
The Atmos Vacuum Canister is a very useful way to prevent oxidation by vacuum the coffee beans thanks to an integrated vacuum pump.
Coffee has never been kept fresh for longer now more than ever.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://fellowproducts.com/products/atmos-vacuum-canister

christmas coffee gifts - Standart coffee subscription7 – Standart coffee subscription

For the latest news about coffee, consider gifting a Standart subscription (but also for yourself) to any coffee nerd out there.
Standart is a coffee magazine that dives deeply into any coffee-related topic, with plenty of well-known guests, stunning look with amazing illustrations and of course a bag of rare, speciality coffee that comes along with each magazine.
Quarterly delivered, for sure the best in its category.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://standartmag.com/pages/standart-subscription

christmas coffee gift - Barista Stone notebook8 – Barista Stone notebook

The Barista stone is an original coffee Christmas gift for your coffee friend to keep track of his essentials coffee stuff.
The barista notebook includes 144 pages with coffee resources such as a coffee extraction guide, professional insights, all thing harvesting and coffee varietals and a comprehensive coffee flavour wheel.
The best feature, however, is its water and coffee proof stone paper pages. Also, a vegan leather cover.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://www.stonejournal.co/product/barista/

christmas coffee gifts - The New Rules of Coffee by Jordan Michelman & Zachary Carlsen9 – The New Rules of Coffee by Jordan Michelman & Zachary Carlsen

A coffee book cannot miss among the coffee Christmas gift ideas. Last year I suggested “Coffee: A Global History” by Jonathan Morris.
This year it’s the turn of the coffee book of the two Sprudge founders. It was actually an easy one as it embraces all thing coffee from the farm to the cup, including all the stages in between and also sharing all the essential info that you are might missing when brewing coffee.
The book is made for everyone, from the beginner to the coffee geek.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://www.stonejournal.co/product/barista/

christmas coffee gift - Nitro Cold Brew coffee maker10 – Nitro Cold Brew coffee maker

Save money from your pocket and make your own nitro cold brew at home.
This brewer makes everything easy providing you with all the necessary stuff you need to make delicious nitro cold brew coffee.
Just fill the bag with ground coffee and refrigerate overnight adding cold water. Ready to be enjoyed the day after with a creamy texture just like in a coffee shop.
Your nitro cold brew lover will thank you.
SEE RELATED HERE: https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/nitro-cold-brew-coffee-maker

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoy my coffee Christmas gift list.

For any questions, feel free to comment below.

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