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8 best coffee scales used in the coffee industry

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Introduction to Coffee Scales

If you are interested in brewing coffee at home, then you need to invest in proper coffee scales, no matter how skilled you are. Most of the people have been using a spoon or scoop to measure out the grams needed.

However, these measurements are not just wrong but also inconvenient and, in one way or the other, cannot guarantee you any decent result. Brewing excellent coffee must not be taken for granted: it’s quite a scientific approach, made up of data, formulas, ratios, tools and so on.

Well, we are not going that deep today, but to put it simply, you are never going to extract a decent coffee without using a proper scale. Many coffee scales are available in the coffee market. In this guide, we will consider various coffee scales which you can purchase from any coffee shop’s website:

Acaia Pearl White Coffee Scale

1 – Acaia Pearl Scale

It has been designed perfectly to meet the demand of the coffee enthusiast. It monitors the weight, time while you are brewing the coffee. You can also connect the scale with the Acaia App on your smartphone to record your brews and have a look at more parameters. It has transformed the coffee brewing experiences to many users.

Its features include:

The Coffee Gator scale is sold for $140 and it comes in white or black.

2 – Acaia Lunar

The scale is designed especially for brewing espressos so that it can fit over the drip tray. In addition to that, it’s built with anodized aluminium, which makes the scale more durable than others. Its electronic parts are water-resistant to prevent any damage caused during work shifts. Also, to note is that the accessories are sold separately, such as the Lunar Weighing Plate.

The Lunar scale has the following features:

The Acaia Lunar scale is sold for $225 and it comes in white or black.

3 – Brewista Smart scale II

The Brewista Smart coffee scales are suitable for both the beginner and the professional user. It is a smart scale which has been redesigned to meets the need of the coffee users. It’s more water-resistant than the previous model with its sealed body and its silicone platform pad.

It has the following features:

The Brewista Smart Scale II is sold for $89.

4 – Hario Scale

Welcome back to the basics. The Hario scale was one of the first company that introduced coffee scales. So, expect from this scale all the essentials that need to brew great coffee at home. I still own one for my brews.

Here are the features:

It’s minimal and elegant at the same time. And it’s the best option you can get for what it cost. The Hario Scale is sold for $45.

5 – Timemore Black Mirror

The Black Mirror combines smart functions with minimal design. It features the two-weight sensors, and therefore, it makes it possible to measure the water and also the weight of the coffee (yield). In case you’re a numbers lover, this scale is the one you may need on your kitchen.

It has the following features:

This scale is not ideal for beginners or just doesn’t meet their needs.

The scale is on sale for 18€

6 – Felicita Arc Scale

It is considered as one the best espresso scale due to the features that come with it. It’s big enough to allow the portafilter to sits on top. And thus, it can fit in the espresso machine. It has quality features buts it’s relatively affordable and therefore making it a choice for many.

Its features include:

The Felicita Arc Sale is on sale for £120

7 – Coffee Gator

It’s a multi-purpose scale designed to suit the needs of the coffee brewers and, therefore, gets a fantastic coffee cup every single time.

Here are the key features of the scale:

This scale is made for the one that doesn’t want to invest enough money but wants to be sure he’s not going to be disappointed.

The Coffee Gator scale is on sale for $25.

8 – Huismart Digital Scale

It’s a perfect digital scale that comes with key features to enables to brew amazing coffee. It’s cost-effective, and this makes it relatively suitable for different people’s needs in the market. It can also be used for kitchen needs as the Coffee Gator scale, which makes it suitable for multi-purpose

Its key features include:


Each of the coffee scales has been designed uniquely to meets the demands of the brewers. However, the most favourite scales which we can highly recommend is the Acaia pearl scale due to the features which the scale comes with. It has boosted the usual features, making it possible for the scale to best fit for brewing coffee.