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Updated January 2022

Introduction to coffee capsules and coffee pods 

Do you know the coffee pods are the simplest and quickest solution for making a cup of coffee at the touch of the button? At times you could be late or busy, or perhaps you have received a guest in your house, and you need a quick cup of coffee for them. With a coffee pod machine in your kitchen, you can make the coffee and enjoy it without much struggle.

A recent survey indicates three households out of a total of ten have an espresso pod machine at home, and this shows the ease of use that the machine offers at home. However, if it’s your first time you hear about coffee pods machine, you are likely to be bothered about how the machine operates.

Let’s skip that and let’s have a look at the best capsules and coffee pods in the United Kingdom in 2020. Here’s a list based on the companies that make speciality coffee capsules and pods.

Roast Works Coffee

Roastworks is an independent speciality coffee roaster which is based in Devon. Its mission is to make coffee more accessible by highlighting its quality which comes from sourcing the best high-grade coffees from different coffee countries, ethically sourced farmers with whom they built long-term relationships. They use their German roasting machine to make their coffees the tastiest possible, trying to highlight their complexity.

Their Nespresso compatible capsules are 100% aluminium and 100% recyclable. Here’s the wide range of Nespresso which they offer to their customers:

Kenya Kigutha X 10

It’s an outstanding coffee with a juicy like acidity and also a serious hit of rhubarb and blackcurrant which come along with the rich cocoa-like body. It’s 100% recyclable Aluminium capsule. It has been harvested by the Kigutha Estates and the variety is the common SL-28. It’s sold at £4.50 and it is delivered to your doorstep. The larger pack is made of 60 capsules and it’s sold at £24

Colombia Decaf X 10

It’s a Nespresso Compatible Capsules with hints of dark chocolate, marzipan and dried fruit, The coffee is decaffeinated using the common Swiss Water process. It comes from the El Eden Farm, Colombia and it’s a blend made of Castillo and Caturra varietal. The X 10 box is sold at £4,50 while the X60 is sold at £24.

Sumatra Takengon X10

High in the body like any Sumatran coffee with pleasant acidity. Also, notes of lemongrass, cocoa nib and leather. Its 100% recyclable Aluminium capsule. Its produced by the Gegarang Cooperative which is situated at an altitude of 1600 to 1800 metres. The varietals grow are Bourbon, little Catimor and P88.

coffee pods
coffee capsules – pods

Difference Coffee Pods

The company is known to sell the best coffee capsules in the market, offering coffee that comes from the Cup of Excellence auctions of several different regions. The coffee comes from the best single-estate farmers in the world. Here is what they offer:

Guatemala Swiss Water Decaf

It’s referred to as a great coffee which you can enjoy after taking your dinner and have a good sleep. It’s a delicious and speciality coffee which is sourced from Guatemalan country, that has been decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process. The method is 100% chemical-free, and it removes 99,9% of the caffeine content and therefore leaving the coffee aromas and flavours intact. You can always enjoy an excellent decaf coffee by buying this one from the Difference coffee’s website. It’s sold at £18 per box of 10 capsules for the subscribers or at £20 in case of one-off purchase.

Hawai Kona Champion

This coffee comes from the volcanic soils of the Kona Coffee Belt. Year after year, Difference company buy exclusively from the winning lot of the Kona Coffee Cupping Competition. This ensures that the coffee you buy from them it’s the best in the country.  This coffee is characterized by the soils and also by the changing weather condition in the area. The coffee is sweet with a pleasant citric acidity with a long aftertaste. A box of 10 capsules is sold at £ 22.50.

Jamaica Blue Mountain

The Jamaica Blue Mountain has been ranked as one of the best and most expensive coffees across the globe. The company sources this coffee from Jamaica and ensure the quality is assured since the company sourced it from Gold Cup Estate. It is rated as grade 1 and its price starts at £31.50 per box of 10 capsules. It tastes chocolate truffle, it has a creamy texture and a low acidity.

Panama Geisha

It’s a rare coffee bean that usually, year by year, breaks the record of the most expensive coffee in the world. It’s an elegant coffee, characterized by the floral notes such as jasmine and bergamot but also fruity notes such as apricot, strawberry and so on. This coffee is grown by a family-owned estate in the Boquete Highlands of Panama, the Hacienda La Esmeralda. The price starts at $45 per Box of 10 Capsules.

April Coffee

April coffee focus on roasting with profession, passion and ambition. It’s also been offering Nespresso compatible coffee capsules. They intentionally roast for short extraction as the ideal brew they aim for is about 10 seconds (20-25 grams of liquid) of extraction. The result is a capsule which is lighter in the body than any traditional one with a juicy and clean mouthfeel. Stir is recommended.  Each box consists of 10 compostable capsules compatible with Nespresso machines. Here’s what they currently offer:

Ethiopian Coffee capsule

This coffee comes from Guji, Ethiopia and the varietal is the native heirloom, naturally processed. It grows at over 2000 meter. It has floral notes of Jasmine and Lavender and a fruity note of strawberries. The company sell this coffee at 8,99 euros.

Costa Rica Compostable Coffee capsule

This coffee comes from Volcán Azul, Costa Rica and the varietal is the Caturra, honey processed. It grows at 1600 meter above sea level. It has flavour notes of Melon and Milk Chocolate. The company sell this coffee at 8,99 euros.

Volcano Coffee Works

The company produces Nespresso-compatible, 100% compostable and also eco-friendly coffee pods. Here are different coffee pods which the company offers to its customers in the market:

Bold Morning Shot

It tastes like stone fruit, molasses and dark chocolate, and it comes from Risaralda, Colombia. It is ethically traded, and the company has been working well with the producers to ensure that you get the best coffee. According to them, the coffee pods are 100% industrially compostable; the capsules, lids and bag packaging are also made up from a  bio-based cornstarch material. Also to note is that the pods are also compatible with Nespresso machines. They are sold at £26.

Balanced All-day

The balance blend coffee tastes like a honeycomb, chocolate, hazelnut. You can make your perfect coffee any time of the day by adding some milk. It has been awarded “Great Taste Award”, 2019 which confirms their constant pursuit of excellence. It is sourced ethically since 2016 in Brazil’s Minasul cooperative. The pods are also compatible with other original Nespresso machines. You can get a pack of 10 capsules at £ 6.50.

Reserve Rich Sweet

It’s sourced from Ethiopia with tasting notes of sweet toffee, buttery and berry. It has been awarded “2-star Great Taste Award” in 2019. This coffee grows in the Guji region in a rich and fertile red soil which makes it ideal to achieve extraordinary coffee. It’s one of the best-sold coffee due to its toffee sweetness. You can get it at £7.

Multi Pod Pack- 120X

All in one. Get all the Volcano coffee’s pods offer in one single box. You don’t need to worry now as the coffee pods have a 12-month shelf life. The company suggests drinking the Colombian one to kick-start your morning while the Ethiopian one and the Brazilian are suitable for any time of the day. In case you’re a coffee pods maniac, a Nespresso compatible eco coffee pods subscription is available on the website.

Pablo&rusty Coffee Roaster

Pablo & Rusty’s is a Sydney based coffee roasters which are very committed to making great coffee to their customers. The company has a clear idea about sourcing: its philosophy is to source from farmers that produce ethically and sustainably. Just only the coffee that scores at least 83 points on the international Q grading system is then purchased by the company. The pods are commercially compostable and are Nespresso compatible. Each box come with 10 capsules with an 18-mont shelf live. Here are the speciality pods available:

Porter St Specialty Pod

The company doesn’t say about the origin of the coffee which is a bit odd. Anyway, it’s a classic full-bodied coffee blend that goes well with milk. It tastes chocolatey with maple syrup notes. A box of it is sold at $11.

Pioneer Specialty Pod

The Pioneer consists of a blend with a more balance between strength and flavour. The different origins that make the coffee are only organic and fair trade. This coffee has a velvety body, with caramel and spicy notes. A box of it is sold at $11.25.

Trailblazer Specialty Pod

The Trailblazer is the original house blend made by seasonal coffees. It’s sweet and complex, with fruity notes. It has distinctive notes of fresh red berries. A box of it is sold at $11.50.

PPP Coffee

PPP coffee has been supplying its consumer with quality coffee, guided by 3 principles: traceability, honesty and sustainability. Here are the main pods which are offered by the company in the market.

Supernova Fusion Capsules

Supernova is the way of the company of making the speciality coffee and it’s more accessible to everyone through environmentally friendly and high-quality Nespresso-compatible pods. This coffee is called fusion and is a blend of two great single origins, resulting in an everyday coffee that goes well on its own or adding milk. The coffee is made of 50% India Tippanahali and 50% Colombia Loma Verde. It tastes like roasted nuts, molasses and dark chocolate. Also, it’s 100% recyclable and plastic-free. For the one- time purchase you need to pay $10 for a pack of 10 Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, and it will be delivered in a week time.

Supernova Comet San Antonio Chaguite Bourbon, Guatemala

Comet consists of a range of single-origin coffees which are sourced by the company from different farmers across the globe. These regions include Latin America, Africa, and Asia. In this case, San Antonio Chaguite comes from Huehuetenango, Guatemala and the varietal is Red Bourbon. The coffee is washed and tastes like citrus, macadamia nuts, and chocolate. Each pack come in a box of 10 Nespresso compatible capsules. It’s sold at $38.

Supernova Comet- Suke Quto, Ethiopia

The other comet comes from Guji, Ethiopia with Kurume & Welicho as a varietal. It’s a fully washed coffee that tastes like peach, citrus, and Earl Grey tea A pack of  10 Nespresso compatible capsules is sold at $11.99. Also available a box of 40 capsules.

Supernova Comet (Decaf), El Salvador

It’s the only single-origin coffee and it comes from El Salvador. The coffee was decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process. You can enjoy the cup at any time of the day on its own or by adding milk. The varietal is Red Bourbon and Pacas and it’s a fully-washed coffee. It tastes like roasted malt, chocolate, and raisins. Each of the boxes consists of 40 Nespresso compatible capsules. A box of 10 capsules is sold at $11.99.

Supernova Discovery Box

Each coffee has a story, and this box has interesting stories from Latin America, Asia and Africa. Each of the boxes comes with 50 pieces of Nespresso compatible pods. Some of the pods which are in the box are Fusion Blend, Suke Quto, Pa-O among others.

Bluegoose Pod

The company is focused on selecting only speciality-grade Arabica coffee which is grown by small scale farmers, paying them beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price. This helps the farmers to earn a living income but also to build their livelihoods. The company make these eco pods without plastic or aluminium to match its sustainable approach.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe eco coffee pods

It comes from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. It’s a medium roast coffee, grown at an altitude over 1700 metres. The coffee is washed, full of sweet aromatics and flavours. It’s suggested to drink it on its own or by adding a splash of warm milk. It’s Nespresso compatible eco coffee capsules that come with 40 eco coffee pods in 4 boxes It’s sold at £18.

Eco Coffee pod gift collection

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you need to get yourself these coffee capsules which come with the exceptional tasting of 4 Arabica coffees. The pack contains the Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee, a full-bodied Peruvian one, the new Lungo and the rich Swiss Water Decaf.

Once you make an order, you will get 40 oxygen- tight compostable coffee pods through the postal pack This coffee collection is sold at £18.

New! Lungo compostable coffee capsules

It’s a medium to dark roast. It has a full body with some fruity notes. It’s recommended to brew it lungo, about 65 to 80ml of beverage or to drink it as espresso. It’s a blend of two varietal, the Red Bourbon and the Yellow one. Adding milk highlights chocolatey and nutty notes. A box of 40 eco coffee pods is sold at £18.

Pact Coffee Capsules

A new all-aluminium combined with the latest grinding technology and you get Colonna coffee capsules. All of them are Nespresso compatible that are more complex than ever. There are different genres according to your taste. Let’s have a look at Colonna’s offer.


This genre is about the foundation of the speciality coffee so the third wave movement. In this genre, you will taste clean, balanced and complex coffee. Low in bitterness with pleasant acidity. The company suggests to brew it short (around 25g in the cup) in case you like a full-bodied beverage and to brew it longer (around 80g in the cup) in case you prefer a more elegant coffee such as the drip one. The foundation genre is sold at £0.55 per capsule.


As the name implies, it’s a discovery of different varieties and processing method. As in the case of the foundation, there are two brewing options available: the shortest one (around 25g in the cup) and the longest one (around 80g in the cup). The discovery genre is sold at £0.55 per capsule.


This genre consists of rare coffees, usually seasonal coffee that comes in a limited amount. Expects extraordinary, complex coffee. The Rare genre is sold at £0.85 per capsule.

St Ali. Coffee Capsules

St Ali was one of the first speciality coffee in Melbourne that set the standards of this movement. Here are its coffee capsules offer.

Wide awake Blend capsule

It’s available as Nespresso classic compatible capsules. It consists of a classic blend of Brazilian (Sao Paulo) and Colombian (Huila Department) coffee; expects a full body with chocolatey and spicy notes ideal to kickstart your morning. Excellent also when milk is added. A carton of 60 coffee capsules is sold at $60.

Feels Good Organic Capsules

It’s an Australian Certified Organic coffee, organically produced and ethically sourced. The coffee is a blend of Ethiopian (Sidamo) and Colombian (Tolima) coffee. Both sweet and chocolatey with a pleasant acidity and a stonefruit aftertaste. A carton of 60 coffee capsules is sold at $60.

Orthodox Blend Capsules

This is the original blend. The Italian-style with a touch of Australian roast profile. The coffee is a blend of  Colombian (Tolima Department) and Brazil (Poços de Caldas, South Minas). Expect notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate and butterscotch. A carton of 60 coffee capsules is sold at $60.

Artisan Coffee Roasters

The Scottish company has made Nespresso compatible compostable capsules and they roast in such a way that suits them. They include the following:

San Agustin

This coffee comes from Antigua, Guatemala. Once it’s brew, you get notes of rich dusted cocoa that lasts until the aftertaste. At the start, aromas of amaretto and butterscotch, followed by stewed raspberry and plum. It has a citric acidity and a creamy mouthfeel.

Monte Urales

This one comes from Ahuachapán, El Salvador. It’s a red honey coffee which the company roasts light for capsules to highlight the berry fruit and the sweetness in the cup.

Halo Coffee Pods

Halo coffee pods
Halo coffee pods

The main goal of the company is to bring the best speciality coffee in the world’s first 100% compostable paper capsule. Most of the competitors have chosen aluminium or plastic for their capsules. Halo instead, have made the first Nespresso compatible and 100% compostable paper capsule from the sugar cane and paper pulp.

 The pod-based system has been termed by many as incredibly convenient: the capsules can be thrown in any bins as they don’t need to be processed later on. When they break down, they become a rich nutrient for the fertile soil for plants.

There are different coffee pods which are available for the customers, which include the following:

Three mountain

The coffee is a blend that comes from Kenyan Kilimanjaro, Colombian Andes and Nepalese Himalayas. It’s been blended to make a silky coffee that has low acidity. It tastes nutty and chocolatey, with some berries notes and molasses. You can choose to buy a pack of 40,60 or 80 capsules that costs respectively £29, £55,50 and £74. It’s delivered for free in the country for any minimum order of £35.


It’s a single-origin coffee from Colombia and it tastes like passion fruit, grapefruit, plum, blackcurrant and nutmeg. It’s 100% compostable capsule. You can choose to buy a pack of 40,60 or 80 coffee capsules that costs respectively £29, £55,50 and £74. It’s delivered for free in the country for any minimum order of £35.

Pod & Parcel Coffee

Pod and parcel coffee capsules

The Melbourne company is specialised in making Nespresso compatible speciality coffee pods which are biodegradable and compostable. If it’s your first time buying from them, there’s the sample pack which is waiting for you. It might be the way to get started as they have a wide selection of different coffee capsules so it’s easy to get lost.

Inside the Sample pack, there are six of their most popular coffee. It consists of 60 pods and it’s sold at $57.

So, it’s done for today. Here above I made a list of some of the pods that are not just famous, but also tasty and worth a try (in my opinion).

In case you love to try different thing, have a look on here for the best coffee beans.

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