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Why we write about the Best coffee subscriptions UK?

Coffee online subscriptions make it easy to deliver your favorite coffee at your doorstep. Also, they allow you to choose different roast profiles according to your brewing method and your favorite coffee producing country. It’s relatively convenient to anyone because once you set your shipping address, you will be assured of regular delivery, and therefore you will never run low of your caffeine intake.

Coffee shop/roasterys’ website helps to connect people in the market with high-quality coffee from different roasteries of the UK. However, it’s good to note that whether you decide to purchase the coffee as one-time order, or by a subscription, it will be roasted fresh, resting for a couple of days and then packed and shipped straight away to your doorstep.

 Coffee subscription: why to subscribe ? 

Best coffee subscriptions UK
Best coffee subscriptions UK: Coffeextraction created the first Gardelli coffee sub in the world!

Coffee subscriptions are becoming more and more popular these days. You subscribe to experience what there’s outside your area or country so what they have to offer. It will be impossible to discover all those myriad of coffee roasters unless you travel for the entire of your life. And so, it comes the coffee subscription.

Like a virtual place that gives you the possibility to discover all the coffees available to a click. Also, most of them can be cancelled any time so you don’t feel obligated to keep always the same one. Trying different coffee subscriptions is not just about buying different coffees but also experience different roast style as any roasters have its style.

Let’s have a look at the offer in the UK.

Best Coffee Subscriptions 2022 In the UK

In the United Kingdom, there are many coffee online subscriptions which have been hanging around for long. However, here is the list of the best coffee subscriptions which you can consider today:

Hasbean Subscription

What makes Hasbean subscription to be unique is that each coffee is featured with an online video accessible to anyone. The video shows you different details about the coffee, which include where the coffee comes from, the farm and the story of the family that owns it, the varietal, thus giving you a better understanding of the coffee, you’re purchasing.

You can find them on the community section under the name “in my mug” on its website or its Facebook page. Also, there are essential brewing tips in case you’re not familiar at brewing at home.

There are different options which you can choose in the subscription section according to your coffee consumption. For instance, there are weekly, fortnightly, or monthly frequencies where you can pay via Direct Debit or lump sum upfront for 4 or 12 bags.

If in the UK, the shipping cost is included in the cost of the coffee subscription while a little extra cost is added in case of International shipping. You can get your coffee as whole coffee beans, grounded and even like green beans.

Clifton Coffee Subscriptions

You can choose a subscription that personally fit you depending on the quantity, delivery frequency, and the desired brewing method. Once you create the account, you can proceed to checkout, and your first order will be processed as the subscription begins. The orders are usually shipped using the Royal Mail 24hr Tracked services. Also, anytime the order is dispatched, you will be notified via email.

Clifton subscription delivers delicious freshly roasted coffee, which ensures that its roasted and also delivered within one working day. Coffee capsules are another option available which wider Clifton’s offer range. First time? If not sure about them, you can try a single box of the roaster’s choice.

Ballies Subscription

There are various coffee subscriptions which the company is offering to its customers. It’s freshly roasted coffee which is delivered to your door when in need to fill your shelves. There are three primary subscriptions that Ballies coffee roasters offer, which include Microlot, Single Origin, and Espresso subscription. Highly recommended!

Craft House subscription

It is one of the most popular coffee subscriptions that customers are enjoying at the moment, and they have a different type of subscriptions which the customers can choose from. For instance, there is a single origin subscription ideal to experience different coffee-producing countries. Available in the filter or espresso roast. There is also a gift subscription that you can take on behalf of someone. Delivery is included in the plans.

Workshop Subscription

You can get access to seasonal coffee from various coffee countries to be delivered everywhere, the rest of the world included. You can choose your coffee to be ground for espresso or filter, according to how you brew coffee at home. You can decide to buy 250g, 500g or 1kg of coffee every week, fortnightly or monthly, pausing and cancelling at any time.

Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters

It is one of the best coffee roasters in the United Kingdom and they have two coffee subscriptions available. They have six months and a 12-month subscription, which costs only £ 9.00 per month. It’s a delicious coffee that is always delivered right at your door. They usually send different types of coffee with all the information about the cupping notes.

There is free shipping in a unique packet that will fit through the normal letterboxes. Also, the subscription has no contract and therefore makes it easy to cancel or renew according to you. You should never run low of the coffees once you make a subscription with Glen Lyon coffee roasters. Shipping is free and available only within the UK.


It offers four different weekly coffee online subscriptions according to your taste. There is the strong subscription, the sweet, the bright and the complex one. They cost respectively £5.50, 7.00, 8,50 and 10,50 every week. They share loads of information: from who is the coffee intermediary they buy from when the coffee is harvested, where the farm is located and there is also a recommended recipe to start with. Also, coffee beans come in omnidegradable packaging (Tekpak Solutions).

Rave Coffee Subscription

The subscription comes along coffee brewing techniques, tips, and other coffee-related knowledge teaching you about everything you need to brew great coffee. The coffee is delivered monthly and you can order up to 4 bags of 250g whole beans of the roastery’s choice. Get your hands on your first bag of coffee, the first delivery is 50% off.

Assembly Coffee Subscription

It’s one of the leading coffee roasting company in London which roasts speciality coffee. If you are a coffee lover, please contact them, and you will get delicious coffee, which will be delivered at your doorstep. They have different samples of coffee that you can choose for yourself. The following is a table of the different sample of the coffee which they offer to the customers:

 Brand sample  Weight Price
Assembly Bundle 400g £30
Assembly Care Package 400g £20
Assembly Decaf 200g/1kg £12
Assembly Espresso Blend 200/1kg £10
Assembly House Single Espresso 200g £10
Burundi 200g £10

Order before 8 am to get your coffee dispatched on the same day. Shipping is free over £20 order.

Atkinson Coffee online Subscriptions

You can create a coffee subscription and make sure that you and your loved one never runs out of coffee whether at home and in the office. You will get proper access to high-quality coffee samples with tailor-made frequencies that suit your pocket.

You have the opportunity to choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery at your home and office at any time you want. Payment can be made upfront for gifts or regularly, depending on your choice. Also, if you want to treat someone, you can do so by choosing a date and location for delivery. Gifts subscriptions frequencies are 3, 6, and 12 month periods.

For home subscriptions, it’s just £9 per month, where you can choose recurring payments or gifts for a specific period. On the other hand, the office subscription costs £22.50 per month and consists of a 1kg bag each time.

Calendar Coffee Subscription

Best Coffee subscriptions UK
Best Coffee subscriptions UK are the future

You can either choose to be a club member or opt for the gift subscription, and both of them will suit you well and get delicious coffee in your home. For instance, if you choose the club members, you can consider the biweekly or the monthly frequencies.

They both range from £16- £18 for the 250g across the country. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with the gift subscription, you can choose the three months or the sixth-month subscription.

You will get an exclusive delivery in the location which you choose across the country. In addition to that, you need to select the most suitable roast style which will be shipped straight away to you. It’s a excellent coffee that everyone should consider to try once.

What Are The Best Coffee Beans In The UK?

If you love coffee, then you need to order beans straight to your door, and this will make you never run out. Here is the list of the best coffee beans in the United Kingdom which you can consider:

Rave Coffee

Coffee type Special release single-origin
Coffee country Colombia El Carmen
Flavour notes Caramel, Chocolate, Toffee
Brewing method Filter

The coffee is roasted carefully to ensure high quality every single time (remember the article about consistency?). Also, it has to be noted that the team has adopted open-door ethos, which is supported by its ethical sourcing program. It’s their best-selling single origin, and also part of the first flagship sustainability project. It’s about £5.75 for a 250g bag and £19.55 for 1kg one.

Kiss The Hippo Coffee

Coffee type Single-origin
Coffee country Peru, Lajas
Flavour notes Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Plum
Brewing method Drip

Coffee beans are roasted and packaged in a nitrogen gas-flushed bag which ensures to keep the coffee as freshest as possible. The coffee comes in 250g or 1kg and they are on sale respectively for £14.00 and £49.50.

Clifton Coffee Roasters

 Coffee type  Single-origin
 Coffee country  Yemen, Bani Ofair
 Flavour notes  Meringue, Raspberry sorbet, Rose Water
 Brewing method  Filter

That’s quite unusual to get coffee from Yemen as the country is facing regional wars. This coffee is extremely sweet and acidic with a persistent finish. It’s available in a 250g bag for £30.95 or in a 1kg bag for £123.50.

Best Online Coffee beans and speciality roasteries

Getting a good cup of coffee cannot be taken for granted. Here is a list of the best coffee roasters whic

h you should consider:

North Star Coffee Roasters

North star
Best coffee subscriptions UK: North star coffee roaster

It’s based in Leeds, and they source their coffee from different parts of the world where they work closely with producers and farmers. It started its operation in the year 2013 and soon became famous for the hard work they put since day one.

They only buy speciality grade Arabica coffee, which they sell Worldwide. They buy the best seasonal coffee beans in small batches to rotate them quickly and so roasting fresh coffee every time.

Clifton Coffee Roasters

Clifton coffee roaster
Best coffee subscriptions UK: Clifton coffee roaster as one of my fav

It’s based in Bristol, and they sell only speciality coffee. It was founded in 2001 by James Fisher servicing espresso machinery in Bristol. After a couple of years of constant growth, they started to sell coffee to the Bristol area.

In 2013 they started to roast coffee on their own. Coffee comes from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Kenya, where they source, roast and sell worldwide. It’s now become one of the leading roasteries in all the UK.

Caravan Coffee Roasters

It’s based in London, and it’s well known to the coffee scene. They currently brew coffee among 5 different locations. They mostly source green coffee and therefore get the best out. They are not known just for brewing great coffee but also for serving great food. They are probably the best cafè restaurant in London.

Rave Coffee Roasters

rave coffee subscription
Best coffee subscriptions UK

It’s based in Cirencester, and the company has a café that is attached to the roaster, which displays all the details relating to farmers. With this information, it will make it possible for you to know exactly the coffee you are purchasing from them.

They care about sustainability which is why they pay fair prices for sustainable projects around the world. Because they do not care about aesthetic, it’s just what inside the bag that matters for them.

Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters

All started in the Scottish Highlands back in 2011 at the top of Glenlyon glen. They roast and sell coffee especially across Scotland. They source ethically grown coffee which comes from more than 12 countries around the World. They offer a wide range of single-origin, a blend for espresso and a decaf option.

Square Mile Coffee Roasters

Square Mile Coffee Roasters was founded by Anette Moldvaer and James Hoffman. Now it can counts on 22 coffee professionals that share the same passion for coffee. They serve their beans especially in London but you can find them, while hanging around, on the shelves of many different parts of the UK.

Cast Iron Roasters

It’s a family-run coffee roaster where the coffee is roasted in small batches with two Giesen Roasters. Both of them are using Cropster, a software that helps roast profiling to maintain consistency of roasting so that high standards ensure each time. They offer organic coffee and most of the farmers they work with are harvesting coffee with an organic certification. They also offer a decaf coffee using the Swiss Water Process.

Colonna Coffee Roasters

Colonna coffee is one of the leading coffee roasters, which is in Bath and was founded by Maxwell Colonna, a three-time UK barista champion. You can choose between three different subscriptions: the foundation, the discovery and the rare one. All of them have been designed to give you an idea of different flavours and processing method.

Here’s my top 4 best coffee subscriptions UK ( 2022)

I put Kiss the Hippo at the first place, followed by Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Colonna Coffee Roasters and Bailies Coffee. What about you? Do you have any preference? Let me know your thoughts.

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