Gardelli Coffee review ( 9 of the best specialty coffee beans )

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Updated January 2022

First time ever on the blog for a review of different coffees under the same roastery.

And there’s no better way to do it than starting with Gardelli coffee.

Gardelli coffee company was founded by Rubens Gardelli, a man who needs no introduction, but if you never heard about him, keep reading the article as I’m introducing him to you shortly.

rubens gardelli coffee logo
rubens gardelli coffee logo

Gardelli coffee review: A bit of  history

Gardelli coffee is at the forefront in Italy for being the reference point of the speciality coffee sector.

Rubens Gardelli started from scratch with pure passion and love for the world of coffee. He did not make any SCA course or others, he just learned from himself.

He started roasting in 2010 in Forlì with a 50g roasting machine, without knowing he would become so important for the whole coffee community.

Rubens Gardelli entered the coffee competition for pleasure for the first time in 2014 as picky as to when his roasting, trying to communicate his passion and dedication. He would not then know, that it would become first in the World in the roasting competition and second in the World in the Brewers cup (he also achieve many others first places nationally and many others placements in the world).

To see all his achievements you can have a look at this link:

His curiosity to learn as much as possible brought him to even made his 700g self-built roasting machine.

Gardelli coffee has then gained a lot of credibility thanks to the win in the world competition. This has ensured to increase even more the quality of the green coffee purchased by the company.

Gardelli coffee’s goal is to bring to anyone the best experience possible to highlight the work made by the farmers.

Gardelli coffee shares so many values such as traceability of every single lot purchased and transparency. They are paying the farmers up to 50% above fair price.

Let’s now dive in his wide selection of coffee available to purchase from the company’s website (

Gardelli coffee UK selection

Gardelli coffee sells only speciality coffee, which means that only the coffees scoring 80 or above are considered. Rubens Gardelli is making so much effort in selecting only the best green coffee beans that you can normally find those that scored 85-86 plus.

Let’s have a look at the ones I have tasted recently


It comes from Sidama, Ethiopia. Part of the competition series, it scored 90.50 points.

A natural process coffee, heirlooms cultivar that has a strong aroma of strawberry and plum. In the cup, strawberry and plum are still predominant. As it cools down, the delicate notes of lavender stand out. Complex coffee with medium/high acidity and round body. Long, plummy aftertaste.

rubens gardelli coffee la cristalina
rubens gardelli coffee la cristalina


we are in Quindìo, Colombia. The coffee scored 89,75 points.

An anaerobic process coffee, Castillo cultivar. Strong aroma of cane sugar and plum. Quite winery. In the cup, notes of wild berries, citrus peel and cacao nibs. Pleasant acidity, coating body and clean, citrusy aftertaste.


It comes from Nyamagabe, Rwanda. The coffee scored 89 points.

A washed process coffee, red bourbon cultivar. Aroma of wild berries. In the cup, rhubarb and orange peel. Medium/high citric acidity and tea-like body. Quick clean. Boozy.

coffeextraction - sagara coffee by gardelli
sagara coffee by gardelli


Ethiopian coffee from the Sidama region. The coffee scored 88,50 points.

A washed process coffee, heirloom cultivar. Strong aroma of lemon and jasmine. In the cup, still lemon is predominant. Round body, with medium/high acidity. Medium/long aftertaste. It seems to drink lemon tea.


Ethiopian coffee from the Sidama region. The coffee scored 89 points.

A natural process coffee, Ethiopia 74160 cultivar. Strong aroma of demerara sugar and plum. In the cup, Assam tea, demerara sugar and plum. Coating body, with high acidity and a long finish.


It comes from Indonesia, North Sumatra. The coffee scored 89,75 points.

It’s an anaerobic process, typica cultivar. Plummy and tropical aroma. In the cup, mango and tropical fruit. Round body and pineapple acidity. Clean finish.


It comes from Ethiopia from Agaro. The coffee scored 88,75 points.

Washed process coffee, heirlooms cultivar. Chocolatey aroma. In the cup, intense notes of dark chocolate, lime and molasses. Velvety body, with medium acidity and a long, citrusy finish. Long aftertaste.


Burundian coffee from Kayanza. The coffee scored 88.25 points.

It’s a washed process coffee, typica and bourbon cultivar. Rich aroma of vanilla and molasses. In the cup, predominant of raisins and lemon. Round body, with medium/high acidity. Clean and medium aftertaste. Great coffee for pain aux raisins lover.


It comes from Tarrazu, Costa Rica. The coffee scored 88.25 points.

It’s a natural process coffee, Caturra and Catuai cultivar. Nutty and sweet aroma. In the cup, remarkable notes of dates and caramel. Syrupy body, with medium acidity and a long finish.

All these coffees were brewed for V60 with bottles of still water from Wami at a temperature between 91 and 93 degrees Celsius. Generally, a bloom of two and a half times the grams in (which vary from 18 to 20 grams) and two times pouring with a pause of 10 seconds in between.

The starting recipe was 18 grams in and 300 grams out with a total time of extraction of 2,40-3 minutes aiming for a TDS range of 1,20-1,30.

Gardelli coffee has been scored by Rubens Gardelli after cupping them blindly. So, the price of a coffee is related to the score attributed, not the price of the green beans.

Gardelli coffee wholesale

Never heard about it and want to taste Gardelli coffee? Head over the company’s website to taste one of the best coffee roasteries in the world.

Just hurry up as the selection of coffee available change on a weekly basis as most of the coffee comes from micro or nano lot.

coffeextraction logo monogram
coffeextraction logo monogram



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