The Niche Zero Grinder Review ( 1 of the best home coffee grinder)

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Updated January 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve written about coffee grinder for domestic use.

Honestly, I wasn’t excited about coffee grinders for home use as I have never given any value to them, considering all of them, average stuff that doesn’t have so much different among each other. And that was my thinking until I tried the Wilfa Uniform which I already wrote an article about.

Since then I started to care more about new releases or at least have a read on some new crowdfunding or projects promising myself to not avoid them anymore.

And here’s the Niche Zero Grinder, the best conical-burrs coffee grinder I have ever tried so far.

So today we are going to have a look more in the depth of the Niche Zero Grinder, a coffee grinder that was launched via Indiegogo in 2017 and still operating through the same platform. You can have a clearer idea on the project on this Indiegogo link which is the same you need to browse in case you want to buy one.

niche zero  is the best conical burrs grinder
niche zero is the best conical burrs grinder


At first glance, it looks simple and minimal and also pretty solid with its body made of aluminium. I love the idea to make things easier: there are no buttons, displays and timers. It’s not just minimal, it gives a sense of what a home use grinder should be: a single dosing one that doesn’t need anything than good burrs, that limit the static charge and the coffee retention. And that’s what this grinder claims: to bring the coffee retention to zero. And surprisingly it does it.

Let’s get more into details.


  • 68mm conical burrs: honestly, I’m not a big fan of conical burrs even though they are indicated to limit the coffee retention. Generally speaking, flat burrs provide a more uniform distribution of ground size and so a tastier result in the cup. It must be said, however, that conical burrs limit popcorning and usually work better when turning at lower rpm (rotations per minute).Anyway, the Niche Zero Grinder comes with 68mm stainless steel conical burrs from Mazzer, and, more precisely, from the Kony S model (for who that don’t know, Mazzer is a well-known company that produces some of the best burrs in the world).Anyway, these burrs make this grinder far more competitive than any other models of its price range. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t remember any home use coffee grinder that is equipped with burrs of such diameter and quality. Also, bear in mind that these burrs are normally found in grinders that cost more than a grand;
  • niche zero grinder conical burrs
    Niche zero grinder with 68mm stainless steel conical burrs

    Zero retention: surprisingly, the little variance you find after grinding a dose is held on the grinding chamber but it will never be more than 0,5 gram. So, there’s a little exchange when you grind a dose with the previous one. The retention is so little that you don’t need to purge before making a new shot and that’s the same thing when it comes to change the grinding size. When talking about so little retention, there’s no reason to worry about it as it’s irrelevant for the final result. Bear in mind that exchange (grams of coffee that come from the previous shot) and retention, will always occur on any grinder;

  • Static charge kept to a minimum: the Niche Zero grinder is quieter than the rest. With its large burrs and its low rpm, the grinder keeps always a cool temperature on the grinding chamber which helps to grind uniformly, limiting the static charge and the fines;
  • Stepless adjustment: a wide ring has been made to simplify your job. You can easily pass from espresso to filter coffee grind size such as pour-over up to the french press one just with a few attempts.


no hopper: every grinder, from the cheapest one to the most expensive one, works better when the hopper is filled with coffee beans. This is because a certain amount of pressure helps to grind more uniformly. You can grind only 20 grams of coffee each time so you can’t make your batch coffee or something to keep in the fridge such as cold brew or any iced coffee.

This sounds limiting to someone so I just make it a negative aspect of this grinder but personally, it doesn’t bother me at all. If you want to make something iced you can just buy the proper tool which is just made for that purpose.


For the enthusiastic coffee lover, coffee geek but also for the beginner that doesn’t know what to purchase as invest in a good coffee grinder is something that requires a bit of knowledge. If you want to play with different single origin and to grind fresh every single time, that’s the one for you. Also, you might not want to drink the same coffee for weeks until you finish the entire bag of coffee.

This can save money to your pocket as most of the time you buy a £150-200 coffee grinder and you’re not happy with it so you get another one that is not going to improve your coffee experience and so on. Also, this grinder brings your kitchen counter to the next level, especially if you opt for the white version with its wooden details.

Niche zero coffee grinder price and sale

The Niche Zero grinder is then the solution that ensures great quality at an affordable price. What’s impressive of this grinder is that is just about £499, available to be purchased via Indiegogo, by the link I wrote down earlier. If you buy it now, it will reach your doorstep in just more than a month as delivery is expected in June.

It’s available in two colours, the Midnight Black one and the Pure White one.


After being said that, it might be the best conical burrs grinder ever, I would suggest you to just use it as espresso or Moka pot. As far as I’m concerned, on the espresso size, the Niche Zero Grinder does its best also because those burrs are being designed from Mazzer to make espressos in a commercial environment.

What about you? What do you think of home use grinder? Are you happy with the result you’re having? Are you extracting the best flavors possible?  Share your thought below.

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  1. I feel like I’ve been to a supercar presentation.
    I think it’s a machine like a Bugatti only for the coffee fan. The moment when everything from design to interior looks awesome. Since I know Mazzer not by hearsay, I’m already confident in the quality. I think the new The Niche Zero Grinder in black will be showing off in my kitchen soon!

  2. pointless review as the grinder is not available for sale , if Niche still exist as a going concern they should concentrate on manufacturing the product before all the fake marketing…..


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