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Indipendent Coffee Reviews

Coffee reviews from a real coffee lover

My coffee reviews are independent, real and made following my personal feelings and sensations. I am trying to visit as many coffee shops and roasters as possible to try all their different coffee beans, learn more about their extraction procedures, the country of production, the quality of the coffee and to satisfy my personal taste.

Coffee is a personal thing. Don’t take too seriously my reviews as what i don’t like could be a great taste for others.

I just share with you which are my favourite coffee and why.

Is Death Wish Coffee Dangerous?

death wish coffee

Those of you out there who always ask your barista for the strongest coffee they are morally able to give you need to hear about Death Wish Coffee Company. Although we do not know exactly how much caffeine is in … Read more

Best Uk Coffee online Subscriptions in 2021

best uk online coffee subscriptions 2021

What Is A Coffee online Subscription? Coffee online subscriptions make it easy to deliver your favourite coffee to your doorstep. Also, they allow you to choose different roast profiles according to your brewing method and your favourite coffee producing country. … Read more

Is drinking Chai latte good for you?

chai latte

When popping by into a coffee shop it’s obviously more likely that you get a coffee-based drink. In fact, emerging new trend, alternative milk and non-caffeine based drinks are widening the offer that coffee shops have been delivering for some … Read more

How to Make Espresso at Home

how to make espresso at home

Running out to your local coffee shop or cafe isn’t always an option when you are yearning for a cup of espresso, black coffee or white one. Making great espresso at home is not a dream and does not require … Read more

The Rok espresso maker

rok espresso maker review

Updated February 2022   The Rok espresso maker is an award-winning non-electric tool for making espresso at home. The Rok espresso maker looks quite solid, well built but also aesthetically pleasing. Made of high-grade aluminium with some BPA-free plastic parts. … Read more