5 outstanding Coffee Christmas gift ideas

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It’s that time of the year. With Christmas approaching, it’s better to play early and avoid to be in the rush to do our presents. So, everybody is thinking about Christmas gifts but the majority of us are always finding it hard to even come up with something.

For this reason, I’m putting in this article some ideas that can get you some inspiration and facilitate your Christmas shopping with Coffee Christmas gift ideas.

Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit1 – Coffee plant kit

For the ones that are big fans of the coffee seed, now there’s a kit ready just for you. A coffee plant kit is a smart gift idea for a coffee lover that loves plant, and of course, the coffee plant.

The kit is made in Britain and consists of an Arabica varietal: it’s a dwarf variety (coffee Arabica nana) that start producing berries after 3-4 years and can be easily grown inside your living room as it grows just a few feet tall. Your rooms are going to smell nice with that nice fragrant coming out from the white flowers (when blooming).

The kit consists of two pots of terracotta that are 6 and 9 cm tall respectively, a small saucer of 9cm of diameter, one pellet and the coffee plant seeds. There’s a small guide with everything you need to know, in case you’re not confident.

Take a look at this link if you are interested to make a special coffee Christmas gift.


coffee a global history book2 – “Coffee: A Global History” by Jonathan Morris

This year at the London Coffee Festival I had the pleasure to meet in person the professor Jonathan Morris, a research professor at the University of Hertfordshire and the author of a fantastic book called “Coffee: A Global History”.

It was at that time when he held a presentation of his work. The book is truly well written and illustrated, making it simple to anyone that wants to know more of all things about coffee, from the seed to cup.

The book is not only focused on the coffee supply chain, but it deals in very real terms with the history of this liquid, passing through the colonization, the prohibition of coffee houses, the first cafès in Europe, the coffee crisis and so on until nowadays.

The book is easy to read, suitable for anyone new of this world that want to learn more about coffee but also for the picky coffee lovers that want to improve their background.

If interested in this book, have a look at this link. This is a great coffee Christmas gift as well.


yawn brew coffee advent calendar3 – Coffee advent calendar

Something as good as original match perfectly a Christmas gift. An advent calendar to go through all December but with speciality coffee instead of chocolate could be the perfect solution to everyone.

This year the advent calendar by Yawn Brew is on its second edition. After the first successful one, the company came out for this Christmas with a new Kickstarter campaign, introducing 24 new exciting coffee.

The selected ones come from India, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Java, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Brazil. Along with new speciality coffees, the company introduced also a brew guide with a few instructions to follow.

The coffees come in beans or already ground (it’s up to you) and it’s enough for a cup (about 9 or 10 grams).

The coffee is roasted the last week of October to preserve its flavour and then shipped anywhere in the world. It’s recommended to brew it for filter coffee such as french press or drip coffee with an ideal brew ratio of 60g/l.

To make an order please have a look on this link.


comandante grinder4 – Comandante grinder

For a real coffee lover, coffeeholic or barista, the Comandante grinder is the perfect coffee Christmas gift that everybody of them would love to discover under the Christmas tree.

The best hand grinder for home is made in Germany; the burrs are made of high-nitrogen martensitic steel to ensure high resistance. These distinctive burrs are well-crafted to ensure the ideal particle size and to minimise the retention.

Of course, the quality of the brew will improve as the grinder makes a crucial part when brewing coffee, especially at home.

There’s a lot of suppliers available for this grinder within the UK.

Have a look at this link to check out which one is closer to you.


Bailies Coffee Roasters subscription5 – Bailies Coffee Roasters subscription

For a great coffee Christmas gift, it’s always good to start with a coffee subscription.

A coffee subscription allows you to get to know more about your local roaster or the ones that you have never tried yet or even of roasters from abroad to see which one is leading in Europe or to discover new ones. So, this is why it’s always time to start with new coffee subscriptions.

Today, I pick the coffee subscription from Bailies Coffee Roasters as I think it’s one of my favourite coffee roasters within the UK with affordable prices for the outstanding quality they deliver.

I remember the first time I tried their filter selection at the London Coffee Festival 2018. It’s still stuck in my head that Costa Rican filter coffee that truly took my mind off of everything during all the Festival.

There are different options to choose on their website with free UK delivery; you can choose between the espresso roast profile or the filter one. And there’s also the micro-lot coffee subscription for the picky ones.

Here’s the link of their website with everything you need to know.

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