How to make simple Coffee Masks: 1 Preparation + Benefits As A Scrub

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If you are attentive to your appearance, beauty, and personal care. And you love coffee, you know the benefits of coffee masks for your skin.

With security, every morning you prepare your cup of coffee looking for the source of energy necessary for your body and mind to activate. If you suspect that you can also use it in those areas of your skin that need to be refreshed.

Coffee’s reputation for health is gaining more and more followers. Provided that the benefits offered by the antioxidant elements it contains are demonstrated. Not only when consuming it, but also using it as a skin repair.

Yes, you read that right.

Studies conducted by the American Chemical Society show that coffee is the main source of antioxidants that its citizens turn to.

Although mostly through the ingestion of coffee, they assume that topical benefits are also obtained for the skin.

Today coffee is used for personal care as an exfoliator, masks, creams, or pastes applied to the skin without further ado.

In this article, I bring information about how coffee masks benefit your skin, how to prepare them, and some secrets about health and coffee that I will reveal for you.

best specialty coffee beans in ukBenefits of coffee masks for your skin

Let’s get straight to all the benefits of using coffee masks on your skin:

  1. Reduces cellulite
    The concentration of caffeine is assumed to help reduce cellulite by improving blood flow by dilating the vessels. Similarly improving their appearance.Similarly, it is quite useful to perform exfoliating treatments with coffee grounds. That stimulates circulation, eliminates dead cells, and gives a more pleasant and even appearance to the skin.
    For this, I recommend combining the coffee grounds with hot water. Mix until the desired density is achieved. It must be unused grounds, that is, without extraction. Add coconut or olive oil if you have dry skin.
    Simply apply over the area of skin to be treated. It should be clean and free of wounds or lacerations. Take advantage and give yourself a gentle and good restorative massage. I recommend you use gloves, cotton, or a soft towel to avoid dirtying your nails with sediment.
  2. Anti-aging effect
    Use coffee to combat the effects of skin ageing. Coffee masks have been used to lighten the skin, reduce wrinkles. As well as to reduce sun spots, redness, and marks on the skin.
  3. Reduces skin inflammations
    The chlorogenic acid (CGA) and melanoidins found in coffee have an anti-inflammatory effect. As well as the presence of niacin or vitamin B3, they prevent the growth of scales or other skin formations.
    Even when you sunbathe excessively and feel burning, use coffee to ease the discomfort. Prepare a cup of freshly brewed coffee, dilute it with cold water. Then soak a towel or cloth and place it on the affected area.
    You can repeat the procedure until the swelling or redness on the skin disappears.
  4. Helps against acne
    They have discovered the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of chlorogenic acid (CGA). So it is recommended to treat acne infections and lacerations.
  5. Reduces dark circles
    To prepare the coffee mask for dark circles, mix half a tablespoon of ground coffee and olive oil, plus a few drops of water to form a smooth paste. It is placed under the eyes without rubbing, for about 10 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water.
    How to make coffee masks as a scrub?
    First of all, remember that you must use fresh and traditional ground coffee. That is to say, that it has not been used, nor prepared and that it does not have any decaffeination process.

To prepare a coffee mask as an exfoliator, or any other place on your skin, we recommend having the following on hand:

  • Use a mixing bowl
  • Some implement to stir
  • Gloves
  • Then mix the coffee grounds or ground coffee in equal parts with extra virgin olive oil. Until a consistency is pleasant to the touch.

Apply to make circular movements on the face. Y Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. You can repeat this treatment up to three times a week.


Finally, I remind you that in addition to being exquisite, coffee is multipurpose given the great benefits it has for health. In this case for the skin.

However, it is necessary that before using any treatment you consult with your trusted dermatologist.

I hope my recommendations on coffee masks are useful. So that you can share it among friends and followers of social networks.

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