Huskee Cup Review: the cup made of coffee.

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Huskee cup: Sustainability refers to any kind of way that keep a resource available for the present and for the future generations. A kind of way that Huskee, a company which is based in Sidney, seems to have found.

Huskee cup review

The idea came from a team of five people: Joshua Jagelman, a coffee grower in Yunnan; Saxon Wright, the founder of Pablo and Rusty’s Coffee Roasters and a WBC judge and Michael Chin, Adrian Chen and Nicole Barnes.

They asked themselves if they were able to transform all that tons of husks that are produced in the coffee farms, in a coffee cup. SO, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign on July of 2017 aiming $20,000 for reaching its goal and it was a smashing success with more than $100,00 raised.

The campaign was focused in making a coffee cup with the coffee husk, an external layer of the coffee bean that is removed at the milling stage. Once a coffee cherry is picked, is then washed and milled.

Huskee cup review
Huskee cup review

It’s now that Huskee take care of the husk by collecting it, mixed it with an eco-friendly polymer to then shape it in a cup.

All of us barista, manager or whoever works in the coffee industry, know about how many benefits are associated when drinking coffee. But unfortunately, we hardly ever discuss about coffee wastage and the impact that the wastage is making on the environment.

The UK’s newspaper Metro said that “what is pretty questionable is the fact that only 1 in every 400 of us is actually recycling the cup that we drink our coffee out of. Which means that 2.5 billion disposable cups end up in landfill every single year”.

The husk has been used as a compost or a fertilizer, as a fuel, to prevent pests or even to grow mushrooms. Huskee found a way much more sustainable reducing the impact on the environment by turning out a waste product, extending its lifecycle and avoiding toxic component. Say (finally) hello to Huskee cup.

Huskee cup materials and leak proof

How long do Huskee cups last?

  • the material is made of husk and polypropylene to last longer: this cup has a lifespan of more than three years and it’s more resistant than a ceramic one;
  • hotter for longer: it has a superior thermal retention to ceramic cup; the cup is also being designed with outer fins to facilitate the grip and to prevent to not burning our fingers (there’s no need of any kind of sleeves). There are also grooves at the bottom to drain off the water;
  • odour free: because husk has no nutrient it doesn’t affect the flavour in the cup;
  • free of BPA or Bisphenol A: there is no presence of any chemicals or anything that can be released by the hot temperature of the coffee. I already wrote about the BPA and how we can avoid it. Have a look on this article.

The Huskee cup comes in three sizes

  • 6oz (180ml)
  • 80z (240ml)
  • 12 oz(360ml).

The company provides also a saucer and a lid that suits for every sizes. The only colours available at the moment are charcoal and natural.

The Huskee cup price

A set of 4 cups can be purchase for every sizes at a price of respectively $44, $52 and $60.

The same amount of lids and cups at a price of $20.

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