Milkit: the milk dispenser on tap review

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Milkit helps you avoid wasting milk and money.

Magic tap milk dispenser

I have always tried to not waste my time because I feel like doing so I give a meaning to my everyday life. Whenever I waste time on something I feel like “empty” and I have the same feeling when I see people do the same.

Business-wise this is extremely important: the wastage is, generally speaking, equivalent to waste money.

Milk dispenser for coffee

milkit milk dispenser on tap review
Milkit milk dispenser on tap

Today, I’m talking about how we can stop wasting milk (and money) in the coffee business. An Israeli company has changed the way of providing and using milk in the coffee industry.

The team patented MILKIT, an innovative milk tap system able to tackle the problem of the milk wastage. It’s a simple concept: a large bag that contains up to 17 litres of milk is simply connected to the tap to dispense milk by a single press of a button.

The idea behind Milkit

“The idea of Milkit was born of our personal need as cafe and restaurant owners for a solution that is convenient, effective, cheap, and clean for the problem of pouring milk in large quantities,” says Assaf Blank, owner and CEO of Milkit. “We were sick of the exploding bags and the high milk carton prices, and, in general, we felt that a quicker and more precise solution must be found.

We therefore developed Milkit, an innovative and advanced milk dispensing device that brings us into a new era of working with large quantities of milk.”

Milk dispenser machine main features

  • zero wastage: the dispenser delivers the exact amount of milk according to the volume we have configured on the buttons. The three buttons can be set to different dose volume.
    And also, there is no more chance to spill milk getting dirty any surface;
  • stable temperature: the milk is always at a constant temperature because the bag is stored in the fridge so we don’t need any more to take back and forth to the refrigerator as we normally do with the milk bottles. This also results in saving time and allow to deliver faster our customer;
  • environmentally friendly: there’s less truck delivery which results in less pollution and also less packaging to recycle so no any more bags of milk or carton, which results in saving time and energy;
  • hygiene standards: milkit has a semi-automated cleaning cycle to maintain high and clean work environment.

Milkit is changing the way of how we use the milk and serve the customers by simplifying the workflow in a way that is faster, cleaner, economically and environmentally sustainable. The dispenser is just situated over the fridge and close to the coffee machine to facilitate the workflow even during peak hours.

Milk dispenser on tab Configurations

The dispenser comes in two different configurations: single milk tap for a single milk variety and the dual milk tap. the milk dispenser comes in a matte silver bullet, matte jet black and matte pure white.

The future of Milkit

Assaf Blank, owner and CEO of Milkit, went on to add that businesses now are saving from 8 to 15 per cent of milk with milkit dispenser.

The company is now aiming to reach 2000 machines in 2020, quadrupling the current dispenser installed in Israeli and in six different countries.

We are going to see soon speciality coffee shops showcasing milkit dispenser in Europe and around the globe.

Milkit price UK

The Milkit Single Milk Tap System is on sale for £4950.68 while the Milkit Dual Milk Tap System is on sale for £5850.81.

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