UK coffee summer trends in 2021 to watch out

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With summer 2021 finally here it’s time to dedicate some time to the next new coffee summer trends that are going to hit the UK economy of the next year.

It goes without saying that coffee summer trends in 2021 will be a direct consequence to the challenging period we are experiencing.
We are now officially reopening from a  lockdown 3.0. and with few months after Brexit, the coffee industry has to reinvent itself even more to survive.

Let’s have a look at the coffee summer trends that will likely have an impact in 2021.


starbucks oat milkThe Green Mermaid is going to release its brand-new non-dairy option in the early spring of 2021. Whether you like it or not, the non-dairy trends do have a great impact in the UK, especially the plant-based oat milk.

Starbucks is not new on releasing new drinks or milk to its arsenal and after soy milk and almond milk, here’s its new oat milk. According to Starbucks, customer interest in non-dairy milk has increased 29% over the last two years.

This new coffee trend will surely increase the demand for oat milk in 2021 and this could be the chance for you as well to experience milk that doesn’t contain any dairy and gluten.

Not only for the vegan or lactose intolerant ones but also for who does not enjoy anymore the taste of cow’s milk, soy milk (personally makes everything taste quite papery) or almond milk. Anyway, you will realise then, how good is when steamed (and easier to steam compared to any other non-dairy milk), creating a foamy texture to the drink and adding a sweet taste too.

The global demand for dairy alternatives is estimated to be over $25.5bn by the end of 2028. We think it’s going to have such a great impact.

Coffee equipment for home use

uk coffee summer trends 2021The coffee crowd at the shops are most likely to be kept aside for others several months and so, staying at home. With the boost of sales of coffee shop’s e-commerce, 2021 will still see an increase in coffee to be consumed at home.

But not only that: people are becoming more confident at brewing coffee at home and are now upgrading their kitchen counter with coffee machine and all the coffee gear for home use.

For instance, Sage has increased the sales concerning their full range of automatic and semi-automatic coffee machine and not more than two weeks ago it acquired Baratza for $60 million USD to upgrade its grinding game.

People became also a big fan of filter coffee, increasing the demand for brewing methods such as V60, Kalita and Aeropress and hand grinders such as Hario Mini, Comandante grinder and many more.

There’s more time to enjoy at home, so we see filter coffee to increase even more compared to espresso drink or any milk-based beverage.

Dalgona coffee 2.0

dalgona coffeeDalgona coffee has been the hottest coffee trend of 2020 and it’s expected to evolve in many different recipes along with tea, gelato and some hybrids.

Let’s have a look at the ones that could have a good impact in 2021.

  • Dalgona Boba Tea: it consists of boba tea with whipped cream on top;
  • Dalgona Affogato: gelato with whipped dalgona coffee on top;
  • Seasonal Dalgona: peppermint mocha or pumpkin spice latte with a hybrid of dalgona coffee;
  • Dalgona Horchata cocktail: a twist of the Dalgona coffee, mixed with tequila, dark agave syrup and spiced up.

All the above will be integrated into a new article next year as there are several different variations that require a lot to talk about.
Anyway, we are sure that some Dalgona coffee recipe will still be part of the coffee summer trends in 2021

Coffee subscription boxes

coffee subscriptions onlineCoffee subscription boxes are going to be even more popular than this year, due to Covid reasons.

All your local roasteries are broadening their range of subscription trying to make as new loyal customers as possible by creating ad hoc subscription to meet your demand.

From the beginner to the expertise, there are different bundle to choose from. This includes a flexible subscription with weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequencies, according to your coffee intake. But also, a starter kit for the newbies, including a bag coffee along with a hand-grinder and the desired brewing method.

Perhaps not only a coffee trend but the need to keep tasting great coffee.

Sustainability meets coffee pods

best uk specialty coffee capsules and coffee pods in 2020Drinking coffee pods could be one of the most interesting coffee summer trends next year. Lots of roasteries are making their own brand-new, sustainable coffee pods that can be brewed with most of the pod coffee machines in the market.

Independent roasteries are focusing on speciality coffee pods to meet the growing demand of the smart working people that have chosen the pods as their favourite coffee drink.

We believe it will be one of the top coffee trends to follow. Enjoying great coffee has never been so faster than by the use of a coffee pod machine. Also, it does not require any mainteneance or skill.

Sustainability – reducing the carbon footprint

carbonic maceration process for coffee2020 had a great impact on reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide. Loads of independent speciality coffees and also some big chains have made the choice to support sustainability differently.

They started by replacing their take away plastic cup with a recyclable one, removing that plastic lining that prevented those cup to be fully recyclable; also stirrers straws and lids have switched to speak the same language.

Secondly, they made also their plastic bag of coffee recyclable and last, someone already moved ahead by one of the next coffee summer trends to watch out next year: roasting all their coffees with no carbon emission.

The first one to became a carbon-neutral coffee roastery in the UK is Kiss the Hippo but there are already a few ones that are waiting next year to join them.

Bear in mind that sustainability is more than a topic. According to Mintel, 65% of the people in the Uk have a preference for what is environmentally friendly.

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