UK Coffee Trends in 2020 to Watch Out

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Updated – August 2020

The coffee industry is one of the leading sectors in the United Kingdom economy, with the sector experiencing rapid trends. Every year there are new developments which boost the growth of the sector to higher scales.

For instance, in April 2019, during the UK Coffee Leader’s Summit, the leaders were able to explore the current trends and also challenges facing the industry.

coffee trends in 2020 during brexitThe United Kingdom has seen the coffee shops generate more than £ 10.1 billion in the year 2018.  This year there is a high expectation that this figure would rise due to the rise in demand for the coffee in the market. If you are a lover of the coffee, get your cup and keep reading the article because it will give you all the insights which you need to know about coffee, especially the newest coffee trends in 2020.

In this article, we shall consider the following aspects:


  • Milk alternatives

Plant-based milk is becoming more and more popular. It’s not only a matter of diet but rather it’s perceived healthier than full-fat milk. Soy, oat and almond milk are at the forefront with the first leading this trend. Oat milk it’s not only combined and taste better than the other options but it’s also superior when steamed so it allows you to do pretty good latte art.

  • Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee is a trend that is growing year by year. In few words, a stored cold brew served on draft like in a pub, infused with nitrogen gas to give it a smooth, creamy texture which is tastier than a standard cold brew.

It works similar to some natural beers where it makes the nitro an ideal element for canning. In the past few years, this type of coffee is gaining popularity and is served in many cafes and other coffee shops in 2019.

  • A Froth And Creamer Revolution

Traditionally, the milk is added in the cup of coffee that comes from cows. However, we are in 2019 where there is an expectation of myriad plant-based products. Many people would be concerned with the taste of the coffee, but that has been taken care of by the flavours which get added to the coffee.

For instance, other ingredients which get added are the soy-based additives which ensure coffee has the best taste. In this case, you will enjoy the cup of coffee without any dairy products.

  • Nouveau Soft Drink

Coffee is gaining popularity globally and has replaced the soft drinks as the iced coffee emerges in the cafes. The consumer can now place orders of the summer and winter beverages from the coffee shop.

As soon you get to your nearest coffee shop you should ask brew coffee soda, and you will enjoy the cup as you cool your nerve. It’s something no one was expecting to happen buts it’s here, and you can enjoy your cold coffee.


  • milk alternativesMilk alternatives

As non-dairy milk variations as soy, oat and almond have recently made their way, others have made their appearance and could establish in 2020. I’m talking about, coconut, cashew, macadamia and rice ones. It’s expected to see a wide option of non-dairy milk variations in the coffee shops

  • Coffee cocktails

It may not become a trend in a cafe, but it might be an option for some coffee shops that stay open a little bit longer. Coffee cocktails are on the menus for the revisited cocktail such as coffee negroni, coffee g & t and old fashioned. Or for something better known as part of the IBA Contemporary Classic Cocktails as the Irish coffee, the espresso martini.

  • Sustainable Sourcing

In 2020, sustainability is something to watch out as sustainable supply remains an issue in the market.  It is the desire of many to protects our planet, and this will be made possible by ensuring the coffee producers getting the value of their hard work.

By drinking that sustainable coffee, it will not only come with a good taste, but it will also give you the peace of mind you need.  It’s the efforts of the producers, consumers and other key stakeholders who will make this a reality by promoting sustainable coffee.


  • Growth Of The Sales

The United Kingdom is known to be one of the leading markets in coffee globally. In the recent past, there has been growth in the coffee industry which is expected to continue.  Currently, the market is making sales of £ 10.1 billion, and this is expected to increase in future. In the year 2020, the forecast is that sales will increase by more than 6 billion.

Growth of the coffee market gets attributed to the new trends in coffee, which include speciality coffee, iced coffee and cold brew, which are doing well in the market. Coffee industry will continue to be one of the leading sectors in the economy.

  • Options And Customization

In the United Kingdom, that’s something which is currently trending with the cafes introducing the various option to the consumers in the market. Most of the coffee shops have ad-hoc coffee to meets the demands of the consumer in the market. Introduction of technology in the coffee industry has made customization possible in the industry.

  • Brexit Uncertainty

brexit influences coffee trends

As you are aware, the discussion on the Brexit has been on the rise in the recent past, thus affecting many industries. There is considerable confusion in the sector as to future relationships of the country with the EU, which could affect the coffee industry drastically. However, the coffee industry is resilient, with many people believing that the coffee industry would still perform better. Such predictions have made the coffee shops to invest in their future to stay in the country.

  • Health coffee in Cafes’

Health standard benefits in coffee are known in the country, but the discussion stills pop each day to ensure consumer get healthy coffee. For instance, there has been a discussion of the coffee which is mixed with spices or vegetables to guarantee quality and ensure a healthy option to the consumer. With added vegetables and spices, it will not only add taste, but it will also improve the texture of the drink.

  • Coffee cascara

Known as the dried skin of the coffee cherry, cascara can be a great fit with both tea and coffee. The husks of the cherry have been also used successfully to make the huskee cups, already famous worldwide.

When it comes to making drinks, cascara can add a touch of sweetness and aromatic to the drink.

For instance, it matches perfectly with prosecco but also coffee, especially when making a cascara cold brew that can then be added and mixed it with gin to make a different version of the classic gin & tonic. And that’s not all: the flavours of cascara can be a great complement to whisky, rum, sodas, brandy and also to make syrups. Have a look on the net, you’ll be covered with plenty of interesting recipes to cool down during the summer.

  • Coffee beer

Coffee is an ingredient that mixes well to make coffee-based cocktails but it can be also a good complement for a beer. In London, some coffee company and brewery came together with some extraordinary coffee beer. It’s the case, for instance, of Ozone Coffee Roasters and Hackney Brewery that have brought to life a sour coffee beer or the case of Square Mile Coffee Roaster and Cloudwater Co. that came together to release interesting coffee beers such as the Imperial Brown Ale using a Burundian coffee-infused together with fresh vanilla pods.

  • Dalgona coffee

The hottest coffee trend in 2020 goes to Dalgona coffee. Here in London, everyone has tried to make dalgona coffee at home.

Perfect to chill out in these days, dalgona coffee combines hot water, instant coffee and milk to make a velvety drink with a creamy foam on top.

I got fun by playing different recipes while making it, changing coffee and milk. The one I liked the most was made with oat milk and instant speciality coffee without adding too much sugar.


Speciality COFFEE TRENDS IN 2020

  • Speciality Coffee Boom

United Kingdom speciality coffee is expected to grow with the demand for the coffee being on the rise. There is the future growth for the coffee with the consumers in the market ordering more coffees. Many coffee specialities are operating in the country, which is a clear indication of the growth.

  • Increase In Speciality Coffee Shop

There is an expected increase in the number of speciality shops in the country due to the continued customer’s prospects. According to 65% of the speciality coffee retailers, they plan to open new stores in the next couple of years. Its clear indication that many people in the country understand the need to bring high quality to the coffee which will lead to growth.


  • Creation Of More Jobs

As the trends continue to get witnessed in the coffee industry, it continues to effects the economy. Many people have been employed in the coffee shops and cafes who would be jobless. Such trends will help solve all the macroeconomic problems in the economy.

  • Growth Of Country GDP

The coffee industry is contributing immensely to the growth of the country GDP. It has expanded immensely, thus making the sector to be the leading in the economy. For instance, the coffee industry contributes for £ 17.7 billion to the economy of the country.

To sum up

Coffee is becoming the most celebrated drinks due to the new trends which are taking place. However, the various retailers need to ensure there is a high level of quality which gets maintained. It’s through such measure that it will promote the progress of the coffee sector.



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