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Specialty Coffee

Discover the highest quality coffees in the world

Even if slowly, the speciality coffee industry is settling down, putting down roots worldwide.

Speciality coffee is by definition every green coffee that has scored at least 80 points on a 100 points scale.

Green coffee is scored according to the SCAA protocol and its evaluate by the number of defects, screen size and cup quality. But a speciality coffee is not just that: it’s the result of several factors. When we talk about speciality coffee, we make reference to every single aspect of the supply chain.

From the farm to the cup there’s a lot going on, a lot to talk, a lot of people involved and so a lot of effort from everyone. Who works in the coffee speciality industry is responsible for raising awareness of what we can do to support the speciality sector.

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What’s behind the word “coffee”?

what is behind the word coffee

Updated – October 2020 Today I want to talk about the word “coffee”. We like coffee, we drink it every day, we like it, we speak about it but do we know what’s behind this word? I think is good to make it clear for everyone, as you may just be a customer of a coffee shop and you don’t have any idea of where coffee comes from (unless you’ve been to a farm). The very basics about Coffee I mean, technically speaking, it is produced by a coffee plant, … Read more

Coffee Buyers Guide: how to select the best speciality coffee beans in the UK.

best specialty coffee beans in uk

The Best Speciality Coffee Beans – Updated 2020 September 26th That beautiful smell of coffee that fills its way through the nose, do you know what I am talking about? The thing which sets the worry of people aside kicking off your day in the right way. Coffee is one of the world’s famous and highly consumed drinks. Because of its significant levels of antioxidants, it’s extremely beneficial to our health. A recent study demonstrates that coffee consumers have a much lower danger or risk of a few severe diseases. … Read more

UK Coffee Trends in 2020 to Watch Out

coffee trends in 2020

Updated – August 2020 The coffee industry is one of the leading sectors in the United Kingdom economy, with the sector experiencing rapid trends. Every year there are new developments which boost the growth of the sector to higher scales. For instance, in April 2019, during the UK Coffee Leader’s Summit, the leaders were able to explore the current trends and also challenges facing the industry. The United Kingdom has seen the coffee shops generate more than £ 10.1 billion in the year 2018.  This year there is a high … Read more

What involves being a barista in 2020?

being a barista

Updated August 2020 Definition of barista “A barista is a person, usually a coffeehouse employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks”. That’s what Wikipedia says about being a barista. Well, that’s just purely a simplistic view. When I meet new people so many time it happens that they ask me about my job and when they realise I’m a barista they look at me in such a way like “why you’re doing this?” or “Is it just temporary?” or “Are you looking for something else while making some money?”. … Read more

The Cup of Excellence

cup of excellence

The Cup of Excellence is an annual competition that gathers all the best coffees of a coffee-producing country with. But just before looking at how it works, let’s have a look at the history of the competition and why it has been set up. The Alliance for Coffee Excellence First of all, the Cup of Excellence (COE) was created by The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE). As stated on its website, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence is “a non-profit, global membership organization that upholds the highest standards in speciality coffee … Read more


best uk specialty coffee capsules and coffee pods in 2020

Introduction Do you know the coffee pods are the simplest and quickest solution for making a cup of coffee at the touch of the button? At times you could be late or busy, or perhaps you have received a guest in your house, and you need a quick cup of coffee for them. With a coffee pod machine in your kitchen, you can make the coffee and enjoy it without much struggle. A recent survey indicates three households out of a total of ten have an espresso pod machine at … Read more

Key coffee innovation in coffee industry and other key facts

innovation coffee speciality

The coffee sector has, in recent days, witnessed a high level of coffee innovations, which is significant to the growth of the economy. For instance, in the speciality coffee, there has been a development, which has led to an increase in coffee production worldwide. In addition to that, the demand for coffee has also increased, with many people enjoying the cup of coffee. In this article, we shall consider the following aspects: Innovations of speciality coffee Problems facing coffee production Sustainability issues in the coffee industry The technology adopted in … Read more