How To Make The Perfect Italian Affogato Coffee?

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Italian affogato coffee – intro 

italian affogato coffee
Italian affogato coffee; one of my favorite dessert

Over the years, Italian affogato coffee has been gaining popularity across the globe. It has since been added to many restaurant menus and depending on where you order it, you can find it under the dessert category or simply as a beverage.

No matter how it’s called, you will enjoy every bit of the coffee by mixing it with melting gelato. It’s effortless to learn how to make an affogato coffee because you will only need a poor recipe to achieve a delicious result.

Most of the Italian usually take the coffee after every meal. The good thing about the coffee affogato is that you can prepare it and make it in your home and enjoy it whenever you want.

In this article, we shall consider the following aspects:

  1. Affogato origin
  2. Affogato coffee recipe
  3. How to make affogato coffee

1 – Affogato coffee history and Origin

The origin of affogato is in Italy; it is commonly known as Italian dessert. It’s made of gelato, or the ice cream, which has a shot of hot espresso poured over it. The origin of the coffee is not that clear. However, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary first listed affogato in the English language in the year 1992.

Affogato coffee has since gained a lot of admiration in the United States. However, in the past five years, the demand for coffee in the United States has been a boom. Most of the Italian restaurants have added the affogato coffee on the menu, and the request from the customers has been overwhelming.

During the last summers, Starbucks unveiled a line of the affogato – inspired drinks in the coffee bars in all parts of the country. When it comes to affogato coffee, it’s less of a recipe and more of the preparation, since you only need two ingredients. So, if you love taking coffee, then I would strongly advise you to have a look at the preparation of the affogato coffee, and you will learn how to make that deliciousness dessert.

2 – Affogato Coffee Recipe

Ingredients needed:

  • two scoops of vanilla ice cream (or good, creamy gelato);
  • two oz. espresso (2 shots), or filter coffee (do not use instant coffee or any pre-ground coffee but speciality one and grind it fresh to make an affogato full of flavours).

Many people are addicted to affogato. Through some bit of research, the following tips would be helpful for you when preparing the cup of coffee dessert in your home. Despite the coffee that you are going to brew to balance the ice cream, the idea is behind the texture and temperature. For instance, the hot espresso will always melt, and the gelato would create delicious flavoured affogato coffee.

how to make perfect italian affogato coffee
how to make perfect italian affogato coffee?

3 – How To Make Affogato Coffee

  • Add two scoops of ice cream to a serving bowl or glass, martini glass, of course. Many people tend to confuse this step and add other ingredients, but the truth is that you need to add ice cream first.
  • Secondly: add chocolate shavings or other toppings if you desire to. You have the option to add any topping of your choice.
  • Thirdly: pour two shots of hot espresso or a filter brewed coffee over the ice cream, and you can serve immediately.
  • Garnish is an option to you, but you can try sliced almonds or other available nuts, sprinkle of cinnamon, chocolate curls, or another shot of liqueur (even the Irish cream liqueur Baileys) to help the coffee taste more delicious. You can always play around with texture and flavours. You can make good use of the vanilla gelato with bits of chocolate and that would make the coffee to be tastier for you. However, you should ensure you have little knowledge about the flavours and the texture you want to add on the coffee.
  • It only needs a couple of minutes for you to prepare affogato coffee.
  • The good thing about affogato coffee is that you can always customize this dessert into all the taste you wish. You can wait a bit until you cool down the coffee, and this would keep the texture of the dessert for longer without melting. It would be great also to chill the glass (ideally, store it in your freezer) to add an extra time of bliss and then to pour the coffee at the very last just before enjoying your affogato glass. Just do not add sugar while making your affogato recipe because of its high level of sweetness; in fact, you can experiment by adding a bit of sea salt in case you want to even out your recipe or by adding some mint leaves to add freshness.

Why You Should Drink Affogato Coffee

  • It’s the sweetest ever
    If you have never tasted affogato coffee before, then you have not yet tasted the sweetest coffee ever. Due to its ingredients, which include the cream liqueur and chocolate, the result will taste sweet and delicious. In Italy, it usually celebrated after having a meal, and it makes you feel good while going to sleep.
  • It’s nutritious
    Unlike other coffee, affogato coffee is more delicious and nutritious, thus adding some nutrients in the body. It comes with a combination of the items, which include chocolate, cream, and also strawberry, which ensure that your body will benefit from such nutrition after drinking. It’s your greatest source of nutrition.


Perfect for the summer to fight a hot afternoon day or just after dinner, preparing the best affogato coffee is simple and not expensive, but you will need to gather all the necessary ingredients and recipes. You will make the coffee with ice cream flavours and other toppings, which would ensure you get a delicious and flavoured coffee. The beauty behind the coffee is that the simpler you go, the more the coffee would have a good taste.

It’s good to note that the next time when you have a birthday or have a special guest at home you should consider preparing for them affogato coffee and they will enjoy it. Most people who love coffee have changed the idea immediately after tasting the Italian based affogato coffee.

Never tasted this dessert yet? You should try it out today.

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