Mahlkonig Peak grinder review

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Mahlkonig Peak Grinder – A bit of history

Mahlkönig or the “Grind King”, translating from German into English, is a German company that makes high quality grinders as its core business. Focusing on promoting quality since the beginning of 1924, Mahlkönig is now one of the world leader for their grinders, from the innovation to the particular design. The company is known to introduce the “grind-on-demand” concept, explaining the world how important is to grind fresh coffee in terms of preserving its characteristics.

Mahlkonig Peak grinder
Mahlkonig Peak grinder review

Mahlkonig Peak parts and features

The company has reached its “peak” with the new Mahlkonig Peak Grinder by combining the easy-to-use K30 espresso grinder with the grinding consistency of the EK43.

Mahlkonig Peak burrs

The burrs come from Ditting company, which is part of the same group of Mahlkönig, the HEMRO Group. So, the best feature is the burr: it’s unique on its kind and it has just been slightly modified to make one of the greatest wear-resistant espresso burr on the market. It’s large 80mm and made of cast steel with a fluffy grind, with low RPM (about 800-1100).

Lower RPM keep the grinding chamber and the coffee cooler than usual: obviously this lead to a more consistent grinding and also a much lower static charge. However, a fan with double ventilation system is activated when there is a need for cooling down the temperature (in case of this model, we can also choose to turn the fan on constantly).

Mahlkonig Peak grinder review

  • the grinder is really easy to adjust with steeples grind setting and it’s more intuitive as well; it’s now easier to dial in thanks to the new 3 buttons;
  • the dosing precision is accurate with a 0.01s programmable grind time which lower the coffee wastage;
  • the screen will now show us about the internal temperature of the grinding chamber;
  • adjustable spout to control and deliver the coffee powder inside the basket (another way to reduce waste);
  • hand-free operation: coffee is ground as soon as the portafilter is inserted;

PEAK grinder manual

Download here the manual for problems and technical specifications.

As far as I’m concerned I easily put the Peak grinder on the same level of the Nuova Simonelli Mythos One. They deliver slightly different taste in the cup but they have one thing in common: they both ensure high consistency and quality in the cup.

This coffee grinder has been designed for anyone that want to work and deliver the highest possible standards even at busy cafè. The Mahlkonig PEAK Grinder ensures consistency shot by shot, it’s easy to use and really soundless.

The standard hopper capacity is about 1500 g and a medium (800 g) and a small hopper (500 g) are still available. The grinder comes in Matt black fine-structure colour. Two special porta-filters are available as well from Dalla Corte company and La Marzocco one.

Mahlkonig Peak for sale and price

The price of the grinder starts from 2,000£ up to 3000£.


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